The review about ''The Banker 2020''

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I watch a lot of American movies and recently I watched ''The Banker 2020''.

Check the trailer of the movie here :

It's a movie about a guy who wanted to buy a bank. It's based on true story. The movie is about Bernard Garrett the first African-American banker in the United States.

You can read about him here : The Black Businessman Who Built an Empire Despite Jim Crow Oppression

The movie is really great. It shows the story of a boy who was cleaning shoes and then became even more rich then some of those people who were better than him.

It's a motivational story that shows that anyone can be successful if he/she does the best.

After watching the movie, you will understand how banks work in the world. It's also a great educational movie ! (3).png

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This movie can teach you a lot about life, amazing movie

Yeah, for sure !

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