I am filing a complaint against this user. STEEM-SUPPORTER.

in whalepowerlast year

I am filing a complaint against this user.

I want to request to @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog to revoke the witness position for this user @steem-supporter , and revoke all the help this user requires, first of all, I want to mention that the work this user is doing has not been anything correct, first I want to start by mentioning that my content has received downvotes from this user @steem-supporter without any reason.

At this time I will present some proofs for you @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog so you can review them and immediately revoke everything this user requested and is requesting from you. I am filing a complaint against this user @steem-supporter.

First of all I will present the proof that my content received DOWNVOTES and the snapshots here.






Second. Here I am going to provide more proofs that are very accurate so that immediately all the help towards this user that is not working properly and giving downvotes to innocent people within our community. Im asking to you @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog to revoke the witness position for this user, and revoke all the help @steem-supporter requires.




Third. I want to add more evidence for you @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog that this user @steem-supporter is totally out of the mission that is needed in the community, and voting content that should not be supported, that means he is against the community and against some witnesses, here you can check everything.

then he voted this sort of Porn Shit.


And one more Evidence that he get some $$$ from voting it by stealing Votes, to get paid. And you can check @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog here.


And more porn posting he voted for...


Im against this user who is working so incorrectly in the community, and I would like to ask you @justyy and @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog to stop @steem-supporter and take action right now against him.

To my good readers, feel free to resteem this content and I could show this information a wider audience.

Steem On.

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Proud member of #whalepower community.

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I don't think there's a problem working in any community, but downvote for no reason whatever is very painful. hopefully @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 and the team can resolve this issue soon.

Supporting and enhancing pornographic content is really an unwise use of force, to be honest I feel disgusted when I see a lot of accounts using the #nsfw tag and most accounts that have Steem Power support it, even though the #nsfw content is closed but the type of pornographic content is really very damaging Steemit's beloved platform.
Many countries in the world have banned and cut off public access to pornography, but many people can still access it via Steemit and DTube.
For all your understanding, I sincerely hope that #nsfw is used as a more positive tag.

if you support decentralized web , then you should welcome anything , saying #NSFW is not legal is a wrong thing to say , just because your country has banned it does not means it illegal , america has it legal , europe has it legal , yuo are just not ready for web 3.0 my friend

You have to really read and understand what I am saying first so that your comments focus more on the areas I am commenting on.
Thank you very much. 😂

I also get downvotes from him, hi @steem-supporter sharing wealth is beautiful, don't kill us with your downvotes

i am sorry if you got downvoted , i will recheck my hitlist , my upvotes and downvotes are all automated , if there is something wrong with the script i will update you , thanks for sharing

yeah no problem, and thanks for your update

Thank you for your post.

We will investigate.

thanks a lot @steemcurator01 for your response. you can see it here.







thanks a lot.

Here you can see more evidence @steemcurator01

Just follow this account here: https://steemd.com/@wcw




It is a very clear evidence @steemit @steemcurator01 @steemitblog @justyy

Dear @steemcurator01
some time ago I had a warm conversation with @travelnepal.
The content of my conversation



@travelnepal always raises unwarranted flags in my posts.
With full respect, I hope you check that out too.

Please tell your dear friend @bullionstackers to do the same with us.
If you are clean then why deligate your SP to someone who is misusing steemit.
Do consider that and tell me how do i contact @bullionstackers
I just need few answers from him and thats over.

That's your problem with him. I don't want to interfere, if you want revenge you should find a suitable place and that's not me.
because I'm just an ordinary person who doesn't have any extraordinary strength.

This is a pointless attack on the @steem-supporter
Why do you do it @edgarare1 ?

If it's just for flags, you should have raised it with the @steem-supporter first

@steem-supporter has my full support as a witness

Do you think this is all attack!
I see @edgarare1 has presented very accurate evidence of @steem-supporter and
@steemcurator01 has given his warm welcome, now we are just waiting for the policy to be taken from the report that has been submitted with a myriad of evidence which in my opinion is very accurate.

there is no problem with voting or downvoting , i am following a trail of counter vote , i dont have time to manually vote or downvote anything . And yes . you are also farming vote from all the bullionstackers alt accounts and i am countering them .

visit https://steemsentinels.com/ for more info


Our main trailing account @sentinels did not downvote @edgarare1 because he is not listed in our database.

Thanks for sharing the info, need to take out the trash around here, thanks for following me, following back!

Dear @edgarare1

We're good friends and I do respect you. However, regardless if you have some hard feelings towards @steem-supporter or not - it cannot justify "revoking the witness position" by any 3rd party.

How do you actually imagine that it could happen? Votes of those who selected steem-supporter as a witness cannot be simply ignored, because of your conflict with him.

Within past few months I've learned to respect @steem-supporter and I appreciate work he does on Steemit. He had and he will continue to have my full support.

I also hope you guys will resolve this issue as two mature adults.

Yours, Piotr

Dear @crypto.piotr

I really respect you, but giving a downvote now is not the right time, a witness should think about bringing Steem forward and supporting us to promote Steem not the other way around.

We spend 10 hours a day promoting steem in our media other than steem, but what @steem-supporter is doing really breaks our spirits.

Dear @steemadi

I really respect you, but giving a downvote now is not the right time

I'm not in position to comment if thos downvote was right or not. Steem-supporter has a right to manage his votes according to his own personal preferences. That's what blockchain apparently is about - sort of "decentralized freedom" which so many wanted.

Do you have a discord? Join our server and let's talk. I can try to influence steem-supporter and ask him to relax with those downvotes.

Consider joining our discord server:

Yours, Piotr

Ok thanks joined


What about your beloved friend @bullionstackers who downvote all new users with low SP without any reason.

I dont think i need to tell anything more about him Or may be she because if he is a man he will come and have some conversation why hide and misused his huge #STEEM power @steemitblog @steemcurator01 all know this issue VERY well he have been attacking all small account with huge downvote since more than year.

If you need proof you can see it on


Thanks to @steemchiller for this this wonderful tools

We all know how much @steem-supporter is working to make steem better and supporting new small community.

Hope steem team look forward to this.

Yours truly a steem user since very beginning.

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