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RE: Let's Talk About Crypto! What Tokens Are You Buying?

in whalepower3 years ago

Good luck. I'm just lucky I know how to post, so going much beyond that is a bit dicey...."here you want my house"? Some things are better left to those in the know, or at least sorta know. But good on ya, and good luck, and I hope you are still doing well in lockdown. Cheers


Hey! All good here. Our local gov put more strict lockdown now but we're managing good so far! I'm watching aliens documentaries just in case that's what's next after the virus ahahaha this year has been so..... Better be prepared! 😂

Ooh, alien doc's. That is apropos, I suppose. Crazy world right now. Though if they come down for a visit, it might not be good. I think we look too much like food, or firewood, or a mineral that they need to keep the wheels of space progress moving. So my vote is no, let's stay to ourselves. (I hope this does not go from here, to the computer, to outer space waves, and get picked up by them. "Just kiddingggggg!)
On a more cheery note, "COOKIES". Sorry, had to get that in. Have a nice day and stay cool and cool, with your head down, hunkered at home.

Great! Now I want cookies! Ahahaha 🍪🍪🍪

Ooh, a cookie emoji,,,so spiff keeno.

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