Master class: Painting with watercolors Early Spring |Step-by-step process

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Hello, friends!

Today I will show you my watercolor work. In Russia, spring is just coming. It's still cold enough. And the trees have not yet opened their leaves. But it will start soon!

My picture shows an early spring. The time when the snow is just beginning to melt.

For my watercolors, I use cotton satin paper, Nevskaya Palitra watercolors, and brushes.



I made a preliminary sketch of the landscape - the horizon line, the edge of the river, the distant plan. Then I'll make a similar sketch on a large piece of paper.


I tape a piece of paper to the tablet. I'm making a pencil sketch. The sketch is very inconspicuous, to mark the horizon line, the hill and the river bank.


I wet a piece of paper with water and make the first color fills. I use yellow, orange, and red colors to show the sunset sky. I also use blue colors-dark blue and lavender.


I blow-dried the sheet of paper. And I painted the river bank with a dark color. I also added lines in the background that indicate the forest in the distance.


Here I add a dark brown color with a dry brush to draw spots on the slide.


I darkened the river and the sky to create a gradient from dark to light. I also dried the paper and drew a tree and its reflection in the river with a dry, thin brush.



My work is ready!





Genial tu dibujo, me gusto mucho la clase @veta-less

Excelente dibujo! El paisaje es muy tranquilizante

Как красиво, мне очень понравилось, спасибо за мастер-класс, Светлана!

как всегда, процесс выглядит несложным... пока не сядешь рисовать ))))

Wow, this is a stunning painting. You depicted the features very well.

Muy interesante ☺️

Hermoso muy detallado y prolijo cada trazo @veta-less excelente manejo de las acuarelas!

This is so beautiful, you're so good at it

Очень красиво!

Love your watercolour landscape. Beautiful colour palette:) @veta-less