!!! New contest !!! PhotoBomb Challenge | 15 steem in prizes | №4

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Hello dear steemians!!!

There is a new chance to win some steem to win a prize and prove yourself in creativity. So don't miss a chance to be a winner!

Welcome to new contest/challenge PhotoBomb!!! Do not be afraid and do not be shy!


Unfortunately, issue №3 went unnoticed by the largest curators of the platform. But while we still have a small supply of funds for the presentation of prizes!

The idea of the competition is extremely simple. The participant needs to select some kind of photo on the Internet and place in this proposed image, the topic of the post. Today the topic of the post is Steemit Bomb! For this week you need to make photobomb with this photo:


You need to create something something funny or interesting. Show your imagination and sense of humor!
Don't try to copy someone! Do your best!

I would like to give the first prize to a participant @grecoloco who presented a fun and relevant photobomb idea


An original and funny idea was suggested by participant @bellana


After much thought, I decided to give third place to participant @sysseneg



  • For entry you just need post your picture in comment section below
  • If you would create a post - welcome! Entry could be posted in any community.
  • Title of every entry must contain "| PhotoBomb challenge # | Entry of |"
  • End of challenge will be after 7 days when initial post will be closed
  • Each contributor can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
  • Announcement of winners will be in every new post of challenge

Please don,t forget to:

  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post

This competition ends on May 26


1 place - 8 steem

2 place - 4 steem

3 place - 3 steem


Greetings from @lubasmol

If you have some extra money donate me to make new challenge possible!

Like everyone else, I ask for help and support from the owners of the largest stacks on the platform:
| @steemcurator01 | @steemcurator02 | @steemitblog | @booming01 | @booming04 | @xpilar | @stephenkendal |
| @sultan-aceh | @xeldal | @enki |


Before, during and after shaving hahahaha
The image was made in Photoshop and the images of actor Jason Momoa were taken from Google.


PhotoBomb challenge week #4 | Entry of @willeusz

Everybody in the comments

Jajajaja está buena!

Jajaja gracias!!

Hola esta es mi entrada, esta sorprendido de lo pequeño que es y ya baila y toca.

Hello, this is my post, he's surprised at how small he is and he's already dancing and playing.


  • My entry to join the contest.

Greetings to all...my participation this week

you can click on the picture in order to see the image in full screen

Apreciado @lubasmol me encanta el Concurso 🤗 disculpa que me enteré muy tarde, ¿Porqué tan poco tiempo (dice que vence hoy 19 de mayo) ?
De todas maneras acá mi participación:

El asombro de la vida

The wonder of life

Dear @lubasmol I love the Contest 🤗 sorry I found out very late, why so little time (it says it expires today, May 19)?
Anyway, here is my participation:


 8 months ago 

Sorry! 26 may!

Será que puedo hacer otra mejor que ésta?? Pues la hice apurada para no perder la fecha del Concurso.🤨

Could it be that I can do a better one than this one? Well, I did it in a hurry so as not to miss the date of the Contest🤨

Hello @teretiti

I think that it doesn't matter if you re-ntry your paticipation as it is within the time limit but other than that you can always come up with a new entry as it is clear mentioned in the contest rules

Each contributor can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge

Good luck whatever you decide to do :)

Apreciado @lubasmol otra presentación del reto, te agradezco mucho, me encanta el Concurso🤤💅

Dear @lubasmol another presentation of the challenge, I thank you very much, I love the Contest🤤💅


Desafío PhotoBomb
Entrada de @tefagonzalez

 8 months ago 

I did a mistake I sent to @bellana the prize 8 steem of @grecoloco
I hope @bellana will correct my mistake!

Transfer 3.000 STEEM to sysseneg PhotoBomb Challenge №3
Transfer 4.000 STEEM to bellana PhotoBomb Challenge №3
Transfer 8.000 STEEM to bellana PhotoBomb Challenge №3

Hola @lubasmol cuenta con eso, voy a enviarle a @grecoloco su premio! FELICITACIONES a los demás Ganadores! Muchas Gracias por mi premio!


Hola @bellana muchas gracias por tu acción...felicidades también...fue una participación realmente creativa y divertida :)

 8 months ago 

You are so kind! Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much @lubasmol At first i just saw the transaction in my wallet and i thought that maybe we had a new admin...haha funny contests...funny things happening :)


Muchas gracias y felicitaciones para ti también

Photobomb entry of @bclinton

Sister and friend discussion
Sister: My boyfriend is so handsome
Friend: WOW!


Hope you like it

Boyfriend picture from google,edited with photoeditor

Wohoooo!! Felicidades a los ganadores y @lubasmol por realizar esta iniciativa tan cool

PhotoBomb challenge # 4 | Entry of @jcarlu.iae

Greetings, my entry:
"That's me..I will sue you CR7"

I will sue You Cr7.jpg

PhotoBomb challenge #4 | Entry of @Willeusz

"My Girlfriend is pregnant"

Hello Beautifuls ! Here is something by my side.

It is not just a meme. It was really happened with me 🤣. In morning I did enjoy with my friend snd in the evening I received her message of being positive for Covid-19. Lolz... 😂


Sorry but I need it, 😆
PhotoBomb challenge week #4| Entry of @Willeusz

Me trying too hard 😅

PhotoBomb challenge week #4| Entry of @patz99

Be safe everyone.#COVID19

PhotoBomb challenge # 4 | Entry of @jcarlu.iae

"Kidnapped by Aladdin"


PhotoBomb challenge week #4| Entry of @mitsy06
Good! Here is my entry.
photo 254 20-17-9.jpg

And as I read that you can have up to three entries here I will include another ..... This is a dollar baby.
photo 254 20-2-16.jpg

Wao! Muchos participantes, que buena creatividad. Exito para todos.

PhotoBomb challenge # 4 | Entry of @fazeelshahid


PhotoBomb challenge # 2


PhotoBomb challenge # 3


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