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Greetings Everyone!👋 It is Christmas/New Year holiday and the campus is EMPTY, this is ideal I guess😥. Everywhere is so quiet and lonely. This got me thinking🤔...without the students in a place where a university or an institution is situated, the place is a village in a simple word. Here is not anyway, but empty without the students!😃
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I don't travel during short holidays, and the fact that we are writing exams made me feel like not travelling for just a week holiday. It is Christmas and New Year in advance, I would definitely eat more than learn!😁
I went out today to see how the campus is, and it was so empty and quiet, I didn't expect to see it this quiet due to the fact that we are writing exams, I had thought that students will not travel that much. But no, it seems I am the only one here😂
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The school environ is so empty that one could hardly see where to buy what to eat or what to prepare food with nearby. One would have to trek/go to the main road to find available stores to buy from. I am so supprised to see that streets off-campus were also empty when I was passing, everywhere was so quiet.
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As someone that have stayed in the campus during short holidays, comparing the school environment when there are students with when there are no students, I would say that we enjoy more when there are no students. There is steady light, constant availability of water, calmness. But to be honest, it is super lonely!
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Thank your for reading through to this part of my post. I wish you a Happy New Year in advance.🤗 What do you think about the university during a break? What would you tell me, I should GO HOME?😃😂
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I appreciate the work of @campusconnectng in this wonderful community, and also the moderators.
I am in full support of #club5050 and have powered up all earning from last week, I hope to powered up more as times goes on.

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Thank You!
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@nstan015 Thanks for sharing with us on @campusconnect . Continue sharing your quality contents with us here we love and appreciate your effort ,Thanks

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