Campus Diary || 4-11-2021 || A Happy Day Today As I Was Happy Teaching My Course Mates About In the Classroom || 20% Payout To @campusconnectng

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Goodday wonderful people! 👋 Today I was so excited telling my mates about while in the classroom waiting our lecturer. I was about participating in compusconnect contest of the week and thus I showed them how to post and told them the basics of and it's benefits. It was COOL🤩 like WOW!!😍


You ever tried telling your friends about Try today and see how happy you will be🤩. This is not the first time I am doing this anyway, I have some users I introduced to this wonderful platform and they are happy with the benefits and the lessons they have learnt so far. Oh! What a great platform to be in especially as a student, you will learn a lot about writing articles and creating contents.


It is not that easy to walk up to students and tell them about a platform, but they see you using the platform and they see your achievements, many will believe! Just as they say, seeing is believing. When your fellows see your quality contents and they rewards you gain, of course they will like to be part of it. SO AS USER, PLEASE ALWAYS TRY TO POST QUALITY CONTENTS AND TRY AVOID PLAGIARISM BY ALL MEANS SO YOU CAN BEAT YOUR CHEST AND TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS WONDERFULL PLATFORM.


When introducing to a newbie, you can go extra mile to guiding the person to register. Although, if the person is technically inclined, it wouldn't be a big deal for the person go sign-up.

Most importantly, make sure to tell the new user about steemit keys, how to secure and keep it private. It is very helpful to let the new comer know about these keys until they reach the achievement post that will teach them more about keys, achievement 2 I guess.

Thank you for reading through to this part of my campus diary of today.

Best regards to the moderators and coordinators of this wonderful community:


To support the community, with my current strength, 20% Curation reward of this post goes to @campusconnectng


This is nice to see. More people joining us

yes❤✅. thank you for your comment.

Promoting and Inviting Steemit is not really easy, most persons I introduce are more focused in the monetary aspect but thankfully people are coming onboard.

Yes you're correct. Most times I do go to public to make posts, lets say in the classroom. So when People see me typing they will be like whoa...Stanley what are you doing, what is it and how can I start...then my mind smiles and says "yehhhh... There you go😁...

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Hello @stan015 Thank you for sharing , keep posting quality contents on #campusconnect and Most importantly support and join #club5050 program .

thank you❤✅, I shall always do.

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Great Job promoting steemit to your friends, maybe you should consider joining campus connect steemit outreach program.


You will find more details via this link

Which university are you studying right now? if Mouau you can link up with @whitestallion, he is a campus captain in the university.

Don't forget to join #club5050

Thank you so much @campusconnectng, I so much love this program.

Promoting is one of my priority as a user that have been rewarded in many ways for good articles. I've improved and learnt a lot about creating contents and avoiding plagiarism with the help of this great community. Therefore, supporting campus outreach would definitely be a priority.

Yes my school is MOUAU, however, due to the nature of my schedules as a hustling student living off-campus, I shall support to my best. I love the fact that this wonderful program could be offline and/or online, I shall sponsor ads through notable bodies in my university and course reps, eg MOUAU GIST, my course rep, etc and even on Facebook. I shall also message my uni captain on discord, he has been very helpful to giving me guidelines anytime I messages him... appreciations 🙏.

The screenshots below are chats of people I am giving guidelines to get started lately. I so much love sharing and advertising credible platforms, non has been more credible as



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Great job bro, I hope to see you in school soon enough.

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