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Hello Everyone!👋 This weeks Campus Connect contest topic got me so happy to write about how has made me a happy student that has always stayed fit in many challenges as a student starting from the day I joined. Read on! 🙂

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How Steemit Has Affected My Campus Life

I wish to start by testifying that since April that I joined to this date, I have never been affected negatively here on This is one of the reasons I could speak boldly of it anywhere in the campus or off campus.

image.png has impacted in so many ways in my campus life, of which I shall share two most magnified good impacts of all that I am grateful for:

  1. Inprovement in content/article creation
    This is one of the wonderful benefits I have gained from this great platform and I am grateful for it. Last week I went back to my personal blog which I started in 2017, I realized that the way I create articles now is far better compared to the way I do today. From learning more on how to articulate to learning and knowing the bad effects of plagiarism and so much more. I have learnt a lot here on articulating here on, I now finds it easy to create contents as it is what is on my mind that I put to blog and I write with confidence.
    You can checkout my personal blog then here: . Then I had the vission of blogging about school news and tutorials. My blog drew my interest more closer to computing and thus I chose computer engineering and I am so happy studying it in the university, so I never regreted starting it and it is among things I proudly talk about on the internet even though I earned no money from it as I was still learning and striving back then when I was still in secondary school. It is a happy memory you know🤩
    As a student in the university or even lower, knowing how to write your own articles will be of so much benefits to you as you will be able to write termpaper, project report, assigned work, and others yourself when the case arises.

  2. The Financial Reward Aspect Of
    This aspect has given me so much relief in many occassion as a student in the campus. Oh! How happy it is to pay your dues before your sponsor/parents start asking you about it, gave me such opportunity!❤🙂
    You ever had a moment in the campus when you are so empty that you don't know where or who to go to? Well, this is now a story I admit, one that is a member here and can create would think of't I share my knowledge and at least gain from a good work? let me get busy at, I learn a lot there also you know, these thoughts to a student who benefits from his good history/work.


image.png in many ways aside the aforementioned, has impacted positively in my campus life and I am so much grateful for that. The best of its kind!😍
Thank you for reading through to this part of my article, below is my #club5050 history in the last 7/30 days.


My #Club5050 History

💢Won 25 steem from a contest and powered up 100%

💢Undelegated 50 steem power delegation

💢won 1 steem for a valid entry to a contest
💢Invested 36.953 steem + 17.972 steem = 54.925steem

💢Powered up 54.925 + 1 steem = 55.925 steem

Author Reward:7.2294.350
Curation Reward:0.018
Steem Won:25
TOTAL:7.2474.350= 52.744steem2654.925


in the last 30days
Total Earned Income(SBD+steem): 4.350SBD(52.744steem) + 26steem = 78.744steem
Total Steem Powered up: 25 + 1 + 36.953 +17.972 = 80.925 steem
Percentage Powered up: 80.925/78.744 x 100 = 102.77% (100% earnings + 2.77% invested)

in the last 7days
Total Earned Income(SBD+steem): 3.58SBD( 43.291steem) + 1steem = 44.291 steem
Total Steem Powered up: 1 + 36.953 +17.972 = 55.925steem
Percentage Steem Powered up: 55.925/44.921 x 100 = 124.50% (100% earnings + 24.5% invested)

My current effective steem power: 116.20SP
I aim at doubling or trippling this SP record before the end of the month.

Thank you for reading through. Best wishes!!❤


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Hello @stan015 thanks for joining in this contest, but I've checked your wallet for the past 3months and your not qualified to use #club100 yes you'd transfer 17SBD during this period and to be eligible to use this tag you don't have to make any transfer for 3months, your not eligible for #club75 because the accounting period for this one is 2months and to qualify to use you must Power up 3x of your transfer and during this period you've transferred out 14SBD AND you didn't power up to 42SBD. BUT YOUR your qualify for # club5050 so you can use this. Kindly remove others because it's considered as tags spamming. Thanks in advance for understanding.

thank you so much for explaining more. I shall edit it right away.

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You're welcome 🤗


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#club5050, great job powering up your steem.

thank you

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