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RE: Campus Connect Weekly Contest || How Has Steemit Affected Your Campus Life. || & || My Club5050 History

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Hello @stan015 thanks for joining in this contest, but I've checked your wallet for the past 3months and your not qualified to use #club100 yes you'd transfer 17SBD during this period and to be eligible to use this tag you don't have to make any transfer for 3months, your not eligible for #club75 because the accounting period for this one is 2months and to qualify to use you must Power up 3x of your transfer and during this period you've transferred out 14SBD AND you didn't power up to 42SBD. BUT YOUR your qualify for # club5050 so you can use this. Kindly remove others because it's considered as tags spamming. Thanks in advance for understanding.


thank you so much for explaining more. I shall edit it right away.

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You're welcome 🤗


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