I'm Officially a Dolphin On The Steem Blockchain - #Club100

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Greetings everyone. My Steemit username is @mato445 and I'm here to formally inform you that I am now a dolphin on the Steem blockchain. Yaaaaay!!! I was able to reach this milestone after converting all of my SBD to STEEM and powering up all my liquid STEEM.


Screenshot From My Wallet

I'm Proud to be a Dolphin

This great achievement of mine demonstrates how strongly I believe in the Steem blockchain, regardless of the current downturn the cryptocurrency market is going through. I am proud to be a part of the Steem blockchain and am incredibly grateful for how it has helped me not only provide for my family and friends financially but it has also advance my knowledge of cryptocurrency and finance. I've done a lot of things and met a lot of people who have helped me in some way along my growth curve and journey.

I've been writing about cryptocurrency, finance, business, lifestyle and my daily activities (thedairygame) and I'll keep doing so. Due to the outstanding quality of my writing, the community curation teams have frequently chosen me as one of the top 7. My progress and development on the platform have been greatly boosted by the support I've gotten from Mr. SC01 and I'm forever grateful to him..

I'm an active member of the CampusConnect and Steem4Nigeria community, where I've made friends with students and other Nigerians. We are all connected thanks to the Steem blockchain.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Steemit team for all of their support and for even entrusting me with the role of a curator on the chain. Other communities have also significantly aided my growth. All the admins and moderators of the community in which I've previously participated... I want to extend a heartfelt thank you.

Power Up!

I will continue to power up all of my earnings since I've decided to commit to #club100, I'm here for a very long time this is because I believe in the Steem blockchain, and I'm not ready to withdraw any of my stake... I've other source of income so I don't plan to touch or withdraw my stake, my aim is to continue building my account and increasing my stake through regular powering up...

I've a goal of reaching 10,000 SP (Double Dolphin) before the end of this year, and I believe this is achievable...

Many thanks to everyone who has helped me develop and progress on the chain in one way or another. Long live the Steem blockchain.

My Introduction Post

Happy Dolphin Day !

Enjoy this special #clubdolphin vote...

#club100 😀 🐬

 last year 

Thank you 😊

 last year 

My boss, the main, ever humble and hard-working, your hardwork has eventually paid off.

Congrats to you bro, many more dolphins ahead 🥳🥳🥳

 last year 

Thank you so much brr, I really appreciate your kind words

Very Nice achievement My Friend. Congratulations on your Successfully reaching Dolphin status.

Happy Dolphin Day My Friend 👍😊

 last year 

Thank you so much 🥰

A big congratulations to you bro. I am happy for you.

 last year 

Thank you so much brr, you all have been so supportive....

Congratulations and great work - keep building that Steem Power

Next stop 10K....... by End of year?

 last year 

Thank you so much, @kiwiscanfly.

Next stop 10K....... by End of year?

Given that the year is about to enter its final four months, things are kind of challenging right now. However, I'm not ruling anything out because I still have some low-value crypto assets in my exchange wallet. I fervently hope that the crypto market will pull off a spectacular move and turn bullish so that I can sell them and use the proceeds to purchase STEEM and power up.

Overall, I'll continue to press forward and just hope everything goes as planned 🙂

Congratulations brother on this great achievement.

You have indeed been working hard and your consistency speaks for itself.

I will surely hit this target too.

Next stop = Double dolphin?

 last year 

Definitely, consistency was the main man here, it really helped me grow and improve a lot..

You too will surely hit the goal very soon, it's just a matter of time and effort.

Yeah, double dolphin sounds challenging with the ways things are right now, but if things works according to my plan then I'll be celebrating my double dolphin (10k SP) achievement before the end of the year.

 last year 

Congratulations to you boss

 last year 

Big man, you've been a great friend both on and off the chain; thank you so much. I'm glad we crossed paths. This is a wonderful achievement for and I'm so happy to reach this milestone.

Congratulations dear. More dolphins to you dear

 last year 

Thank you so much ma, you've been a great motive on and off the chain 🥰

You are really hardworking and you deserve more dear. Enjoy your dolphin day. More wins

A great achievement my good friend, congratulations to you.

I've a goal of reaching 10,000 SP (Double Dolphin) before the end of this year, and I believe this is achievable...

Sure, with your hardwork and consistency you're few steps away from reaching the target.

I'm so happy for you 😊... Make I dey come Lag? Make we celebrate am? 😋

 last year 

Thank you so much brr, you've really encourage and supported me..

Do you want to come over to Lagos state?

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