Campus Connect Engagement Contest Week 2 - My Accomplishment And Failures So Far In The First Half Of 2022 And My Expectation For The Second Half- Prize Pool of 20 Steem and Booming Votes

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Hello friends and welcome to Campus Connect Engagment Contest, we are happy to introduce this Contest series, it will run every week throughout the month of June 2022. This engagement Contest is strictly sponsored by Campus Connect Community, we hope to increase activity (Posts and Quality Comment Culture) in our community. So let's Dive in

Every individual has a goal in mind, and most of the time things do not proceed as planned. We've already reached the second half of the year 2022, and we'd like to take a look back at "My Achievements and Failures in the First Half of 2022, and My Expectations for the Second Half."

  • My Achievements and Failure in the first half of 2022.

  • My Expectations for the Second Half.

  • What will you do in the second half to make things work well.

  • Be creative, add as many details as you can.


Contest Rules.

  • You must be subscribed to campus connect community.

  • You must join the Campus Connect curation trail

  • Your entry must be creative with no trace of plagiarism

  • Your entry must not be less than 300 words.

  • Be creative because we want to enjoy reading your entry.

  • Drop a link to your entry as a comment on this post.

  • Use #campusengagement-week1, #campusconnect, and #fintech as one of your first five tags.

  • Participants must not be powering down and should maintain a good #club5050 record

  • Engage in as many posts as possible, Participants who engage stand a chance to win the contest.

This contest will run for the next 7 days until this post pays out, 25th June 2022

We are looking forward to seeing your quality and original content


Reward Structure

1st10 Steem Power + Booming Vote
2nd6 Steem Power + Booming Vote
3rd4 Steem Power + Booming Vote

We will boom participants who make quality posts under this contest, However, Votes are not guaranteed.


We also Thank @steemcurator01 and the steemit Team for their assistance and invaluable votes in our community., Keep Steeming hot


I am @dayographix reporting for @campusconnectng


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 2 years ago 

Welcome to engagement week 2, here we go again 💯💯

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This is a nice idea, let me start working on my entry now

So happy this contest is available, can't wait to participate 🤗

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