Promoting #club5050 - 100% power up | 20% Beneficiaries for @steemkindness

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Promoting #club5050 - 100% power up | 20% Beneficiaries for @steemkindness

Greetings to all....


I want to tell all my steemian friends that today I have done power ups again, and will continue to do power ups with the aim that I can develop even better in the future.

on this occasion I also invite his special steemit friends who are in the Steem Entrepreneurs community and steemian in general who have not done a power up to set aside 50% of the results from your posts to invest, namely by power up from SBD to steem power

in the last few days I have done several power ups like other steemian friends who have done it first

I first did this routine step to do power ups continuously starting 4 days ago


As friends can see in the picture above that I started to do the tapping from SBD to steem starting 4 days ago and swapping again 3 days ago, then on that day I did a power up of 9,705 Steem power.

For today I did two power ups, the first was today 15 hours ago, like the picture I share below.


while the second power up today I did 2 hours and 1 hour ago with the first amount of 0.965 steem power and the second 21,862 steem power. like the picture I share below


For more details, you can check my wallet activity, here is the link steemit @zulbahri

after reading posts from the steemit team through the steemblog account two days ago I became very motivated to continue to power up in the hope of getting support from the steemit team through steemcurator01 as has happened to other steemian friends

That's my post, hopefully it can be a motivation for friends in this extraordinary community.

 2 months ago 

Power Up bagus untuk meningkatkan kekuatan akun dan menjaga nilai steem... langkah bagus dukung terus #club5050

Terimakasih @zulbahri

 2 months ago 

terimakasih atas dukungan nya

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