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Steempreneurs Shop supports and has joined #club5050.

Order T-shirts from The Youth Steem

Last week @steempreneurshop received an order from one of the "The Youth Steem" communities to produce T-shirts bearing the Steem, RK and The Youth Steem logo. This t-shirt will be used when The Youth Steem community carries out promo-steem activities.

Minggu lalu @steempreneurshop menerima orderan dari salah satu komunitas "The Youth Steem" untuk memproduksi kaos berlogo Steem, RK dan Nama The Youth Steem. Kaos ini akan dipakai ketika komunitas The Youth Steem melakukan kegiatan promo-steem.

Currently The Youth Steem T-shirts have been produced and are being sent to the STEEMPRENEUR SHOP address. Then the T-shirt will be handed over to @bangmimi as the buyer and founder of The Youth Steem.

Saat ini baju kaos The Youth Steem sudah selesai produksi dan sedang dalam pengiriman ke alamat STEEMPRENEUR SHOP. Selanjutnya Kaos akan diserahkan kepada @bangmimi selaku pemesan dan founder dari The Youth Steem.







Vision, Mission, Future Goals and Planning

Introducing Steem and Steemit in general to the community and especially to youth. Do #Promo-Steem, share experiences and invite Indonesian people and youth to join Steemit.
Build a work team to work together and support each other.
Support Meet ups, workshops and Promo-Steem activities in Indonesia.
Become a forum for discussion and sharing.
Create meetings and bring together other active users.
Gathering with the Steem Community.
Support #Promo-Steem promoter to promote Steem.
Developing the team to be more popular among the Community, youth and active users.
Future Goals
Supports introducing Steem and Steemit to make it easier for promoters to reach active users in Indonesia. Then inspire people to continue to be active and creative in making Original works on Steemit media. Be active and participate in helping introduce Steemit to other people, for example friends, relatives, family and those closest to each other.
Future Planning
Organizing Meet Up, Workshop, and Promo-Steem events in Indonesia. Then introduce and develop The Youth Steem Community to the public and around the world.

@bangmimi | @teukumuhas | @muhajir169 | @abelanar11


Thank you THE YOUTH STEEM for entrusting the Steempreneur Shop to produce The Youth Steem T-shirts with the Steem and RK Logo for Promo-Steem activities. The Steempreneur Shop is proud to be a part of The Youth Steem actions in the Promo-Steem activities in Lhokseumawe City and North Aceh. Greetings and success to The Youth Steem team.
Please kindly read :The Youth Steem Introduction

Best regards,
Steempreneur Shop

Cc : @pennsif | @stephenkendal | @steemkindness | @adollaraday

Thank you very much ...

 2 years ago 

Thank you for your cooperation so far, we are happy to be part of the Steem Entrepreneurs community.

We are pleased with the @steempreneurshop team for helping us complete the printing of this second edition of the Promotional T-Shirt.

Support #Promo-Steem and #Club5050 programs, Steem On!

CC: @stephenkendal

 2 years ago 

With pleasure, salute the persistence of the youth steem team in introducing steem to the younger generation and the general public.. keep up your good work ..

#club5050 #promosteem #steem

 2 years ago 

We are happy to continue to promote, we will work with the Steemit community that supports the growth of the #Steem value. We and the members of The Youth Steem team also support the #Club5050 program, Let's make #Steem great again!

Thanks @steempreneurshop team for your cooperation and for helping to print Promotional T-Shirts in a fast time.

We members of The Youth Steem team will soon distribute and make an official announcement soon. Next we will prepare the #Promo-Steem Campaign publicly in Indonesia.

CC: @teukumuhas @muhajir169 @abelanar11

It's look awesome. Thanks to my teams.!

 2 years ago 

Kerja bagus, terimakasih tim

Sudah membentuk tim yang solid.

Jaya Steem

Very Nice Post to Order T-shirts from The Youth Steem to Support Community Programs With #Club5050. Good Job My Friend.

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