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RE: 227.058 STEEM for Power Up #club5050 | Order T-shirts from The Youth Steem

in Steem Entrepreneurs2 years ago

Thank you for your cooperation so far, we are happy to be part of the Steem Entrepreneurs community.

We are pleased with the @steempreneurshop team for helping us complete the printing of this second edition of the Promotional T-Shirt.

Support #Promo-Steem and #Club5050 programs, Steem On!

CC: @stephenkendal

 2 years ago 

With pleasure, salute the persistence of the youth steem team in introducing steem to the younger generation and the general public.. keep up your good work ..

#club5050 #promosteem #steem

 2 years ago 

We are happy to continue to promote, we will work with the Steemit community that supports the growth of the #Steem value. We and the members of The Youth Steem team also support the #Club5050 program, Let's make #Steem great again!

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