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Hello steemians, greetings to you all, how are you people doing, i hope all are doing fine, i am so delighted to be here today to share with you all, base on this fascinating topic: make them smile, my shopping with street vendors.

It's an interesting title, because, those businesses on the road side help a lot like saving of transportation fees, without paying to commercial market, saving energy, without stressing much to a distance location to buy goods.


Products are easily purchase, customers don't need to get the commodities on whole sale, meaning most of the street vendors, retail their goods, besides street business are very close to our various, houses, workplaces, etc.

Every given questions is well explained, base on my understanding.

Write down your experience when buying a product/service at street vendors, traditional market traders or other small traders.

There are a lot of small street businesses located in my city, but the once am interesting to discuss, is the ones located, along Udensi street because i always pass the street to my work place, it's a very busy road, with a lot of road side business expenses such as, snack, fruits, restaurant, provision shop etc.

Street Business make it possible to get commodities faster without visiting a commercial markets, an customers can get goods, at small quantities, with small amount of money involved, ones don't need to buy in whole sale. without paying for transportation fees.

Small business, make it possible for customers to buy goods on credit, because of the privilege of familiarity with the seller, any time am not with money, i purchase the product on credit, then pay later.

My experience with small street business is that they deliver they goods on time without delayed, i could remembered the lady that sell food close to my work place, any time customers tell her to serve them food, at the work place because of the inability of the person to visit her restaurant, she doesn't wait time, immediately she will send one of her sell girl to deliver the meals.

Fruits business

This is a fruit business located along Udensi roads, the lady sell variety of fruits, such as watermelon, pineapple, Apple, orange, banana etc
There is a shade for customers to sit in an enjoy themselves with the fruits. My conversation with her, she made a lot of money from her small business also her treat her customers very politely.

Snack business (eggs roll)

This is another street business, they sell egg rolls, with soft drinks, they bake an fried the eggs roll, the small street business is also located along Udensi roads here in Abakaliki, my experience with the seller, there treat their customers politely, they have a shade with sitting table for customers to stay an enjoy themselves with the eggs roll and soft drinks at affordable rate, it's very cheap.

BCF lodge, drink shop

This is a BCF lodge drink shop, is a mini- drinking shop located along Udensi road, there sell soft drinks, there also retail the drink per bottle, my experience here is that their soft drinks is much cheaper than other drink shop, also their drinks use to be very cold because of their powerful refrigerator.

BCF Provision store

This is a small provision shop they sell various types of goods such Indomie, bread soft biscuits etc, the mini shop is also located along Udensi road, they retail their goods to customers at affordable rate, my experience with the mini shop they don't permit credit.

They wrote it's boldly on the entrance payment before service, my conversation with one of the sale boy said, customers used to run away with their money after collecting credit.

Explain the purchase of the type of product/service along with the price in the official currency of your country then convert it to Steem.

Itemsprice in nairaprice in steemimage
Apple per one2001.3IMG_20220526_111922_0.jpg
Eggs roll per one500.3IMG_20220525_164737_2.jpg
Soft drinks per bottle1501IMG_20220525_161942_2.jpg
Bread per one5003.3IMG_20220526_112542_8.jpg

Mark the location with google maps, what3words or codes plus.




Add as much other information as possible

My shopping with street vendors at Udensi street has been a great one, because street vendors treat their customers, politely, they believe customers are always right, their services to their customers is always at their priority, because that is where their daily income come from, they treat customers well so as to gain more patronage and friendship.

I could remembered what Mrs Johnson Rose told me the lady that sell fruits along Udensi roads, she said my good customers help me an tell your friends to be coming to my fruits shop to eat nice fruits because my fruits are affordable and nice, she was indirectly telling me to advertise her business, meaning street vendors treat their customers well, so as to gain more people patronizing them.without customers street businesses can not survive.

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LocationEbonyi State,Abakaliki

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Thank you so much @harferri for organizing this nice contest, it's really a captivating one, because it's has broaden my knowledge and understand about some street vendors. I hope you all have learn from my article.

Thank you all for viewing my post.

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