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FEBRUARY 01 - 2022

Hello all Steemian friends. 🙋‍♂️
Here I will give a little lesson or share understanding of newcomers.

And here I will discuss about the procedure for replacing or giving our profile photo and also providing a new back image.

• Why am I writing the content of this post?
The answer : because today my friend @f2i5 has promoted the Steemit Platform to another friend, and we have also registered him on this Platform.

So I think I need to write this so that I can make learning about it and I hope it will also be useful for other Steemian friends.

As for friends, what I mean here is the account name: @abizarpase

This is a photo with him after registering a Steemit account with him. Today I am proud to have extended the Steemit Platform network to one of my friends.

Then below I will go directly to the topic of discussion. Hopefully @abizarpase and other Steemian friends can understand it and at the same time will be part of a good learning.


Pay close attention to what is written in your Steemit Platform section.

You will select the writing section (settings) and go straight in to see there are various settings there.

And then you will choose in the first section to provide your profile photo, and in the second section you will provide a back image according to your liking.

Your next step will be uploading gradually, and you will not upload simultaneously.

• Your first step is to upload your profile photo according to what you will provide.

• And the next step you will upload the back image on your profile as well as you like.

Furthermore, if there is something you need to replace or provide other information, please do so. And so you will update in the section below.

You will immediately update so that you can make changes like you did to the uploader earlier.

This activity @elrazi has also done it today by replacing the back image in my profile section.

Today I have made a change in the back picture of my profile with another picture.

• And why do I often use the Eagle image?
The answer : because I like the bird, and the Eagle has a different character from other birds. He is like a king in the life of a bird-like animal.
I think that's the reason that I like the picture of the landscape with the Eagle.

I think this is a little lesson for newcomers from me today, hopefully this will be a useful understanding.

And that's the content of my Learn With Steem post today [February 01 - 2022], hopefully this will benefit all newcomers, I hope this content will be of interest to all Steemian friends.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog!

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Good Luck From @elrazi
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