Economic Activity - Diary Game (09-05-2024): Energetic Day for Business Activities

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Greetings Entrepreneurs!
I welcome everyone once again to my economic diary blog. This diary activities is for 9th May 2024. It was a beautiful day with comfortable weather to consider while carrying out economic activities.

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I'm an early bird when it comes waking up early. I woke up very early on this day to carry out my duties on Steemit which I refused to go back to bed after that. Yes, basically, I skipped my morning sleep due to HAIR BUSINESS.

IMG_3836.jpegThis was purchased for #100 ( 0.3 steem)

As always, I did some important morning chores before starting my economic activities. At 7:00am, I purchased super glue for my mannequin's head. For the past few days, the gum that was used in sealing the net cap to the mannequin's head removed and it was due to my silly mistakes. I was trying to pull out wig from the head and mistakenly dragged both wig and the mannequin's net cap out.


Some people might likely ask.... can't you use the mannequin without the net cap?
Yes, I can but it depends on the type of job I'm doing. I can't use it when stretching or styling hairs because there is nothing to hold the wig from pulling out.

I was able to glue the net cap and kept it aside to dry properly before use.

IMG_3840.jpegWigging processIMG_3848.jpegMyself while fitting the hair after sewing

At 8:30am, after having my breakfast, I sat down to sew hair. After sewing, I combed it and checked the fitting.

IMG_3845.jpegAbout to treat and style hairsIMG_3863.jpegProcess of styling

The next thing I did was to bring out hair treatment products. I add one other hair to it which means that I actually treated two hairs. I washed and applied treatment products to the hairs. The next step was to style it with the wetness. I styled the hairs beautifully and sun dry it.

IMG_3867.jpegFinal stage of style: #15,000 (43 steem) for wigging, treatment and styling.

That was how my economic activities ended on this day. The rest of my activities were not economic related.
Thank you for reading through my diary for 09-05-2024.

Photo credit: @adylinah



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Aktivitas yang sangat luar biasa saudari, saya suka gaya rambut palsunya, salam sukses dan semoga kita selalu bahagia

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Thank you for visiting my economic diary blog.
Best wishes to you too!

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