Steem engagement challenge-S12/W3|My first experience of receiving an ample vote on Steemit.

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Hello Steemians, it's week 3 of the Steemit engagement challenge and I'm happy to share my participation in this week's contest. It has been a very busy period for me due to many activities but in all, I still try to create time and drop articles.

I have been engaging in other physical activities and with the absence of a power supply in my area I have skipped a few days without writing. So today, I have charged my phone and for that reason, I decided to share my entry.

Share your first experience of getting an ample vote on steemit(can share post link- optional).

My first experience of getting an ample vote from the platform was after writing my introduction post. It took a little while before my account was verified because of the way things were on the platform at the moment.

Before the verification, I had a series of chats on Facebook to prove I was the owner of the account. After that, the task was verified but wasn't voter because it was almost at the point of expiring.

After it expired, I was asked to write any other post to get my vote. I wrote a post in steem4nigeria and I was voted by the curator then booming support was also given to the post and that gave me about $10 upvote.

I was so happy when I saw it because my introduction paid out at about $0.30 which was not encouraging at all. I thought it would continue that way until I saw the vote of $10.

How were your feelings after getting your first ample support?

I was so excited to see such a vote on my post. As I said earlier, I thought it would remain as my introduction post-vote but after seeing it I feel so happy.

I went ahead to set a target for myself which is writing at least 1 post daily I believe that votes by the curator and also given booming vote will go a long way. I encouraged myself and started the journey in earnest.

Share your steemit journey and experience;
Along with the challenges you faced being a Steemian

My journey as a Steemian wasn't an easy one at all but at some points, I decided to change my motive of being on the platform so as not to be discouraged.

Before joining the platform, my major motive was to also earn a little money to take care of my personal needs but at some point, I wasn't given what I needed hence I decided to forget about it and then write for pleasure.

Not getting an upvote made me weak most times but since I derived a new motive which is learning by writing and reading I decided to forget about the vote but any day I see I feel so happy.

Share a few suggestions required to follow, and some need to be avoided here.

My suggestion is that support should be given to everyone no matter how little it is. I noticed that there are people who don't get support always on the platform and there are those who get support on all their posts.

If they are given support based on delegation it is understandable but if they are given support because they participated in the challenge then everyone should be given once your post is okay and in that way, everyone will be happy.

I want to invite @bonaventure24, @josepha, and @yakspeace to join this contest today.


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