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Smile is one of the most powerful tools that can make a positive change or Difference in a person's life. We can speak a million words, we can paint a thousand pictures or tell a hundred stories but you know what? Our hearts won't be stirred, then we can make a difference with a kindly deed or words, but sometimes just a smile is all we really need!

So many things makes people smile, it could be family, friends, comedy show, funny skits, music, opportunities, fulfilled dreams, excellent performance in one's field, children etc. The truth is that smile is contagious and it's the best makeup we can wear it makes us attractive and younger, and it helps us to relieve stress, I love smiling, and so many things used to make me smile; my kids, my family, friends, compliment, comedy videos, giving, good food and sometimes just a smile from another person. But I will elaborate on only three of them.

Three Things That Always Makes Me To Smile And Why?

1) My Lovely Kids:



My kids wearing my wig

My lovely kids used to make me smile, It gives me joy when I see them growing healthy and strong. My heart normally leaps each time my kids rush to welcome me when I'm back from somewhere, I normally smiled unconsciously. My kids used to do funny things that make me laugh out loud, one example is the picture above, on this day they climbed the wardrobe and carry my wig and wear, I couldn't help but smile.

They used to wear my lipstick, wear my dress and act like me sometimes and this normally gives me happiness. Recently all of them perform excellently well and receive an award I was just smiling. Even my baby used to make me smile, she normally fakes bites me to chuckle, they are my source of smile.

2) Compliment:

Image by Freepik

I used to smile when someone gives me a sincere compliment. It normally makes me feel good and appreciated, yes it boosts my self-esteem, knowing that someone has observed my little effort and that they like it. Compliment shows that the giver cares for me, I used to smile when fellow users appreciate my work on the platform and commended me, and I used to smile and felt loved when my husband, kids and friends compliment me, it is the force that keeps me going and wanting to do more.

3)Giving Makes Me Smiles:

I normally smile when I see someone I give a gift leaping in joy, it makes me feel that I'm touching their lives positively and I usually feel grateful when they expressed their gratitude, no wonder the wise saying that "there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving" giving has helped me to pass the beautiful feeling of gratitude on, and I feel grateful spreading appreciation and joy around.

A Surprising Story Hidden Behind My Smile

As I said before I love smiling because it's good for me and others, it used to lift a weary heart and a disappointed soul. Little things used to make me smile example is a smile from others. Most importantly The Almighty God is the reason behind my smile.

Let me share one of the surprising stories behind my smile, just recently, after one of our Christian meetings a sister approaches me and sincerely complimented me. She said "Sister you are one of the kindest and most generous people I ever met, may Jehovah bless you and she added your name would have entered the Bible had it been you been born then" Goodness I was smiling non-stop and tears of joy drops on my cheeks. I thank her so much for that wonderful compliment. I normally smile each time I recalled.

Have You Ever Been The Reason To Bring Smiles To Other Faces? Share The Story If You Did The Same.



Yes in an uncountable time, and it has become part of me. When I was still working as a primary school teacher, I used to give the kids gifts and when I saw that big smile on their faces it makes me smile too. Sometimes I used to buy a carton of biscuits and juice and share for all those in early years, other times I gave those who doesn't have exercise book to write Steemit exercise books, I was happy to see them smiling and joyful.

This is my participation and I will like my friends @shiftitamanner , @kyrie1334 and @eliany to join this contest thanks for reading me.


@goodybest , Well written by you, Laughter is good for a healthy body.

 10 months ago 

Absolutely! Smile can make a whole lot of difference! Thanks for visiting me.

Amiga que bonito estos tres motivos que te hacen sonreír.

Sin duda tus hijos hermosos con su peluca jeje los niños siempre nos sacan una sonrisa y nos alegran la vida en mi caso mi hermanita Nicole siempre me alegra es muy cómica y me saca sonrisas. 😃

Dar algo a los demás también es muy lindo, sin duda nos saca una sonrisa en cualquier momento que estemos pasando sea bueno o malo.

 10 months ago 

Hello my friend, Thank you so much for stopping by, and I appreciate your kind commendation. Hey say me well to your little sister Nicole, she's a force for goodness! Do have a pleasant day ahead!!!

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Greetings dear @goodybest! 🙋‍♂️

The three things that bring a smile to your face are heartwarming and specially compliment , yes of course female loves complement being male i also like it 😃 . The love and joy your kids bring, the power of compliments,& the happiness in giving are truly inspiring. Your kindness shines through, and you have touched many lives with your generosity.

Best of luck to you and ours most beautiful kids 😃😃 .

 10 months ago 

Hello @artist1111 I do appreciate your warm commendations and your good wishes, sincerely, I'm encouraged thank you!

 10 months ago 

Great, there is learning from everyone! I learned three very simple things to put a smile on your face through this post. Kids smile and joy easily make parents smile. Your kids looks so cute. Anyway, Best of luck to you in this contest @goodybest.

 10 months ago 

Aww 🥰 thank you so much for your kind and nice comment. I appreciate!

 10 months ago 

You are always welcome ☺️

I find your post very educative. Just like you said, smile is the best make-up a person can wear.

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