Ingredients saver bread varieties / たくさん材料のいらないパンあれこれ

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Due to the corona crisis, we may have to spend more time indoor. Bread baking is one of nice ways to spend time at home.

I go shopping as less as possible these day. Anyway not all but some products are missing at a supermarket ... such as eggs. I'm not sure it was also because I visited a neighbor supermarket on Monday morning.


I must bake lean bread without butter, egg, milk more than usual. So no frequent zombie baking for my daughter 😅


But we can bake quite a lot without them. Here are photos for your inspiration!

Lean bred only needs flour, water, salt and yeast. Even yeast is not needed when you spend few days to make your own sour dough with flour and water.


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If you don't mind using sugar and honey (or molasses) a bit, you can bake bagels too :)


Italian bread such as focaccia and ciabatta (also pizza dough) doesn't need much. They need olive oil in addition to the lean bread ingredients.



Happy baking and enjoy home baked bread!



そんなリーンなパンを写真とともに紹介してみようと思ったのでした :) パン作りは家の中でできるよい趣味ですよ!


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😁And thank you for tipu upvote ... you are too kind!


Here, it is hard to find yeast at the moment!

Wow really!? I haven't check yeast at our supermarket yet ... For the worst case, I see it as a chance to bake everything with sour dough ;)

Can sourdough be exchanged with yeast for all grains?

Not sure. What I have is whole wheat and rye sour dough. Rye works quite differently.

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It's always hard to find fresh yeast in the supermarket - these cubes are so small and every store has it on another place. Fortunately my Rewe is customer friendly:


We have this kind of note too 😆 it’s even in an arrow shape at my REWE.

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