Depression: Why do people get depression? In fact, everyone can suffer from depression

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There is a lot of controversy about the explanation of depression, and there is no single accurate answer, but these explanations will be a process and inspiration for us to explore life and depressionThere is a lot of controversy about the explanation of depression, and there is no single accurate answer, but these explanations will be a process and inspiration for us to explore life and depression.

Why do people get depression? The general consensus is a combination of the following factors:

  1. The impact of the original family, such as: the parents' marriage is not smooth or turbulent, or major changes have occurred, etc. Affect people's subconscious and consciousness, cognition and values, etc.

  2. Lack of care and security since childhood. Cultivates withdrawn character and low self-esteem, introversion, and defensiveness.

  3. Encountered some major events in the growth experience, such as the death of relatives, fires, earthquakes, human disasters, abuse, and sexual abuse. It creates inner wounds and shadows of injury that cannot be erased, which will seriously affect a person's three views and temperament.

  4. Environmental factors, such as interpersonal relationships, various failures and blows (in school or at work).

  5. Personality factors. Personality is more sensitive and fragile; or a person who is extremely introverted and inferior.

  6. Biological factors (physical, neurotransmitter, etc.).

7, emotional frustration, resulting in long-term depression.

  1. People who are afraid of illness and who are in constant anxiety (worrying about various things).

Therefore, if you understand the causes of depression through the above study, it will naturally reduce your inner confusion and fear. At least because of your studies, you have learned more and more about yourself and the pathogenesis of depression.

We learn from it, inspire from it, and use and associate ourselves with it, and then achieve a kind of consciousness and awakening in mind, body and thinking.

Why do I think people should learn? It is to seek some comforting and explanatory answers to yourself and to the problems you encounter, so as to give yourself some psychological comfort, or to get a sudden enlightenment and the strength and support that can relieve the pain in your heart.

As a depression patient, under the premise of being able to learn, or it is really necessary to force oneself to seek some spiritual comfort, learning can give every depression patient inner comfort. Are you willing or not? After all, this is also self-help!

The meaning of learning is very broad. You can read some books or columns that specifically solve your own problems. You can also ask people who understand these aspects or professions for psychological support.



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