In the depression era, truly powerful people lead "subtractive" lives

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Young people before the age of 30 years, they do not have strong skills and extensive interpersonal relationships, so they can not "subtract", but desperately to do "addition".

We can find that some young people working in cities face tremendous pressures in life and work. Therefore, they can only create their own value in an endless competition.

And what about young adults after the age of 30? They must gradually lead "subtractive" lives. Because they blindly "add up" life, they will end up living exhausted.

It can be said that the "reduced" life is of the unavoidable kind, and it is also a manifestation of certain adults when they reach a certain level.

Just imagine, if there is too much garbage in a city, the end result of that city will only be a "garbage siege" situation.

In the same way, if there were too many complicated things around this person, then this person's final fate would be filled with lots of bad people and bad things.

The so-called "Wealth is hard to order, rightly or wrongly not invited."

For uninvited right and wrong and contradictions, if we don't have the wisdom of "deduction", then in the end we will become "victims" of right and wrong and contradiction.


Someone once said that it is better to enjoy life "rather than abuse" than to live a "more is better" life.

We may also ask ourselves, is it certain to say "More is better"? Not necessarily good.

Behind the "many" is a symbol of the flood. When something floods, then you are easily overwhelmed by the flow of this world.

On the other hand, only "less" that is "rather short than overrun" corresponds to heaven's path.

People live naked and walk naked, no matter how much you earn, in the end you can only get the memory that is yours, and then nothing.

It can be said that this is the truth of life.

The "minimalist" life is the lifelong pursuit of every adult.

You should know that it is only when a family is "simplified to complex" that it is calm and clean. It would not be said that there was too much unnecessary enmity.

And a person, only with "simplification gets complicated", can remove lead and be reborn from nirvana.

As we know, "interpersonal relationships" are divided into gregarious and unfriendly. Which one will you choose?

In fact, it goes without saying that you have to be gregarious, you have to get out of gregariousness, after all, that's for the best.

You can be in a group, but you cannot lose the purpose and direction of being a person. The gregarious person who holds no opinion is nothing more than a toy in someone else's hand.

You can stay outside the group, but you still have to stay in touch with the outside world, and you can't "work behind closed doors," so the more you live, the less you will be out of touch with society.

What is the true "reduction" wisdom, the real "minimalist" life? That is, people cannot live alone, but cannot live too much to lose oneself, it is enough to be in the middle.

This approach is related to the Confucian wisdom of "the golden mean". Don't be extreme, don't be extreme, but be open to all rivers and enrich yourself with the benefits of others and nature.

Knowing yourself seems like a very simple task, but it is actually very difficult.

Because you don't know what you need, and don't know what you want to give up, so you can only live in a chaotic way, and you cannot touch the wisdom of the "deprived" balance of life.

In modern society, most people have heard of such a term, namely, "to let go and go away."

What is "getting away from home"? It is cutting off one's desires, abandoning unnecessary people and things, and abandoning those meaningless things.

It's like when you are in middle age, you feel that you are not having fun, what should you do? Then there will be the "dissociation" policy.

For the people and things that bother us and make ourselves feel sick, it's best we cut them off and stop contacting them.

Don't get too attached to the riches of gold and silver that don't belong to you, otherwise you will just fall into the abyss of desire.

For things that are not available, walk away, or walk away. Since you have no fate with them, no matter how you go after them, you will not get them.

When you can fully integrate the "reduction" wisdom and fully absorb the "elimination" concept, I believe that your life will not be so bad.

There is a line in the book "Break and Resignation" that is very well pronounced. What bothers you is what you are reluctant to endure.

Therefore, in the future, leave your living space empty and make your life easier. Maybe this is the real truth of life.



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