In fact, there is a big difference in life between women who are so exquisite and fake.

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In a society with a growing material civilization, most people will pursue a "beautiful" life and a "beautiful" future.

Especially for women, they want to live a good life and embrace a different life.

However, there are often women who fall into the "fake beauty" cycle. Dressed in front of people was very beautiful, with good feelings, but in hindsight, she was leading a low-quality life.

I've seen a woman like that, she entered the circle of the rich. However, her own salary and her husband's salary are not enough to cover her expenses in the circle.

This woman looked at those rich wives, it cost hundreds of thousands for LV bags, and tens of thousands for skirts for other people. How about him? At best, I could only afford thousands of clothes.

Currently, he prefers to invite his friends to buy item A at a high price, or even borrow money to buy expensive shoes or skirts, to go out with these wives.

Then, because his capital was not sufficient to support his play in this circle, he was expelled.

At that moment, she realized that following the beauty of other people who "spend a fortune" is not true beauty, but dangerous fake beauty.

Is that a fake beauty? Just like the "fake women" circulating on the Internet last year, are they really women? In fact, these guys are just down-and-out with fancy slogans.

It can be said that women are very subtle and fake, the difference in life is huge. Pixabay

Beautiful women look real, fake beauties look hypocritical

What are the qualities of a truly beautiful woman?

The most important feature is that they are very "real." They don't say they are pretentious or too fake, but they understand how big their head is and how big they will be worn.

What about women who are more fake and subtle? Instead, they don't seem very real, but use a more fake side to show off themselves, so they can reap that worthless face.

In this case, many people think that if a woman lives a little more carefully, doesn't that mean reaping the external flattery and faces that others give to oneself?

Some might think that as long as women behave better in front of outsiders and live a little harder behind the scenes, what's the difference?

In fact, with the gradual development of the fast-paced life and the gradual complexity of people's minds, people also turn from the real to the unreal.

From that time onward, false exquisites who did more harm than good were born. And this kind of fake delicacy, will eventually withstand the development of women and become swamps and ravines under women's feet.


Beautiful women know how to cultivate temperament, fake beauties only value appearance

A confident life cannot be demonstrated with a few pieces of clothing or some jewelry. And a gentle life cannot be achieved with a few bags.

I have seen some fake and beautiful women, they did not increase their cultural attainment, did not cultivate their own morals, but wanted to use luxury to express their beauty.

However, can true refinement really be summed up with a few precious ingredients? Actually it is not.

Such truly beautiful women would pay more attention to their cultural cultivation and display of their inner temperament.

Just like some real women, they don't need to be very beautiful, but they can be generous in front of others, giving people a sense of nobility.

A woman, as long as she has the cultivation of poetry, literature and literature, then such a woman can finally live and become more exciting and become the queen of her own world.

So, if you want to live a virtuous life, don't care too much about appearances. Sometimes, your inner charm is most evident. Pixabay/

Beautiful woman lives for herself, fake beautiful woman lives for others

One Western writer wrote: "One day, you must learn to live for yourself."

There are many women in this world, they surround men today or live under the supervision of others tomorrow, and they never live for themselves.

Perhaps, among these women, some of them wanted to live in luxury. However, no matter how they lived, they could only cross over and be humble.

Live for a man, so when he hates you, or doesn't like you anymore, you will become an object that is left behind.

Live for an outsider, then when the outsider hates you, or walks away from you, no matter what you give it, you will never come back, and everything you try will be in vain.

Therefore, women must have the awareness that whatever their situation, they must live for themselves and for their future.

Because the only person in this world who loves you is not a man or an outsider, but you. Instead of torturing yourself for so-called faces, it is better to work more, take more care, and read more, which is more real.

Beauty is not as simple as a life choice, but also a kind of inner inclination.

Only when a person has this inclination can he become more aware of its value and show the world his more elegant appearance.



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