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Ninety-nine percent of this world finds interest. Think about how much you will gain if you do something.
Think of one thing?
What will you actually find so much profit?
What will you get?

Maybe some money, opportunities, to be better at one's own expense.

Profits and losses are calculated for just that.
But the real benefit can be gained by giving the opportunity to benefit others and not by actually benefiting. If you do not believe, see the opportunity.

The peace of mind that is found in it can never be found in anything else.

We always think about how we will benefit ourselves, we don't give up on those who do something for the good of others.

For example, if someone is unmarried and marries a widow, then it starts to be said.

What is the situation, who gets married to a widow unmarried? Probably a problem in the head. Or some secret reason.

If someone marries someone with children, what is the benefit of feeding someone else's children?

Everyone says this.

But there are some people who never calculate profit or loss.

The real benefit is in doing something for others.

In this case, a widow will be freed from the dirty words and doubts of some people.

A child will grow up in a good way with the love of a father.

And whoever marries a widow in the Hereafter will be with the Prophet in heaven.

And the place of eternal peace will be the reward of raising an orphan child in the love of a father, like his own child.

Now tell me who benefits?

In a world where little money, opportunity is sought for profit?

Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

Looking for money and opportunities does not bring as much peace of mind as doing something for a person's happiness.

Money may not be found in it, but the peace of mind that is found is not found in any work in the world.

This is the real happiness of life, the real gain.

I see a man who marries a woman with a child.

After a few years, the orphan girl is like poison in her eyes.

Doesn't pay for tuition.
But there is no shortage of money.

How strange! This man now says he will not feed or teach another's daughter.
He has denied taking responsibility for his upbringing before.

The man is looking for his own gain here.

But the eyes of this selfish man did not find real gain.

People change under the pressure of the situation. I have changed myself.
Now only one thought, when can I do something for people?

If I had the ability to do something, I would have done something for that little girl before.

If it did not benefit me in any way, I could have peace of mind in this world and light the way to the hereafter.

There is time.
Think for people. I try to do something. What will be my own opportunity, to find profit.

The world is fleeting.

If you open your eyes, you will not open tomorrow.


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Nice write up, i learnt😜


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