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This is just a quick post to make a special Announcement. The Comminity for the Knitrias Project has been configured.

All the Members are invited to subscribe to the Knitrias Project Community in the next link:

The Knitrias Project is much grateful with @SteemitBlog and @SteemCurator01 for launching the PoD Project in which this Community is participating.

The site SteemAuto through which Knitrias' votes were made is disabled now. Knitrias is testing the operation in SteemVoter. It will be an announcement on automated votes and curation trail on Monday's weekly report.

It has been a Hard Fork in the blockchain (HF 0.23), all Members are invited to stay informed and with clear criteria about the sources of information on these events. Knitrias Project continues its work in the Steem blockchain.

For more information about automated-votes and curation trails please look at the post by @AdelJose: Automating Voting with SteemVoter. Open Source

Knitrias Project will participate as Sponsor in the Discussion initiative by @Cmp2020. @Remlaps and @Cmp2020 have created a great system to reward all commentors in their discussion initiatives. Once a post is set for discussion any commentor on the post will receive a portion of the post rewards delivered by the account @penny4thoughts. The @Knitrias and @Leveuf accounts will be voting weekly on those posts on behalf of the Members of the Knitrias Project. Everyone is invited to participate.

Here's the last post: [Discussion Post] What is the best way to recruit new users to STEEM?

Our Member @NataliMarisa2019 have expressed, due to personal matters, that she will stop posting for a while. The delegation support has been retired, but she is invited to return to the working group if she decides to publish again. Suggestions for new Members are open.

See you on the next Weekly Report!!



@knitrias, thank you so much for your important post. we continue to work.
have a beautiful weekend!

Thank you very much for your great energy and encouragement, @MyFreeLive!!
I wish you a wonderlful week!!

Thank you so much for your moral support, dear @knitrias. Now I Am writing very difficult article about SteemWhitePaper

I'm absolutely sure that it will be a wonderful post, including your discoveries and surprise!!
Well wishes for the endeavor, @MyFreeLive!!

Thank you very much, @knitrias and @leveuf, community announcers @knitrias-project, I am a part of this project, always following or watching your weekly posts.

Thank you very much for you presence and positive energy, dear @F21Steem!!
I wish a wonderful day for you and your family!!

🎊 Excelente!!!! 🍾
Ya contamos con la comunidad! Este es un gran paso, para la semana 04 todo será publicado allí, nos estamos leyendo!
Feliz Finde 👋

Perfecto @Jacorv!! Estoy probando los cross-posts, para que ustedes tengan libertad de usar otras comunidades también!!
Abrazo grande y excelente semana!!

Si va, estaré al tanto de cualquier cosilla.

Excelente, por acá andamos!

Muchísimas gracias por tu visita y apoyo @Belkisa758!! Acá andamos contentos de seguir compartiendo experiencias!!
Que sea una excelente semana!!

Thanks very much @knitrias, I think this project is going to help us a lot, I am in support and following too.

Thanks to you, dear @Oppongk, for your great encouragement and support!!
We are heading to consolidate all the group in this platform, we hope the best for everyone's possitive initiatives!!
Best wishes for projects and life!!

Thank you for the interesting information, @knitrias.
I'll visit the links referred
Congratulation for your growth and conversion into a community
May success clothe you