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This weeks @Ecotrains Question of the Week ties in with the Non-violent Communication Workshop @Eco-alex is holding right here on Steem. NVC Workshop session 1 is found here and session 2 (which we are on right now) is found here. The QOTW is:

What are your most important needs and are they being fulfilled?

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List of needs

When I look at that list of needs it is a far larger list than what I first had thought needs to be. I found it very difficult to narrow it down to just 5 needs which are important to me so I went through each category and highlighted the needs there that were important to me, which I will touch on in this post, than I made my final choice from those of what are the most important needs to me.

The first category under Physical I choose food, air, water and shelter which I almost take for granted for I have put in a lot of effort to ensure these basic needs are met. Something I feel necessary to maintain life (although I'm finding other things like love we can not thrive without either.) Another thing under Physical needs is health. This is very important to me for I know what it is to be without it!

Under Harmony I chose peace, another thing that I have worked hard bringing into my life and I sure notice it when my peace is disturbed!

In Autonomy I chose freedom which plays a big part in my life and could not imagine what it would be like to be without it!

In Power the need that stood out for me was empowerment. I find it a wonderful thing to be empowered and to also empower others, keeping away from power struggles!

For Pleasure the big one was vitality which I never would have classified under pleasure for it was more a physical thing for me but being vibrant is important to me!

In Connection communication and understanding, both to understand and be understood, was most important to me.

I skipped Liveliness for although many aspects there are a big part of my life at this point they did not seem as important.

For Authenticity it was honesty and openness, two quality that I find necessary for growth, something that I value.

Meaning in itself seemed important to me but it was awareness and clarity that seemed most important.

In Love and Attention it is love itself and compassion being the big ones but respect, support and care were right up there too.

Looking at my narrowed down list, aside from our physical needs of air, food and water, the needs which are most important to me is love, compassion, peace, freedom and communication (good communication/non-violent communication).

Give me a world filled with this and it would indeed be a marvelous place to live in!

As far as are these needs being met, I'd say mostly to love, compassion somewhat, peace - mostly, freedom mostly but I see some infringement on my freedoms and communication - I am most grateful to have the Non-violent Communication Workshop @eco-alex is putting on to help fulfill that need.

Thanks for stopping by!

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glad you made it for this one! i think its a great process to go through this list.. there are so many needs we dont even think about or put a name to... sounds like you did a pretty thorough job.. thanks for being a part of this <3 xx

I feel where you're coming from on the harmony front. I'm also someone who values quiet and peace in my life

Also, clarity really resonated at this point in my life as it's something that is fleeting at best.

Another thing under Physical needs is health. This is very important to me for I know what it is to be without it!

Ah, I thought I remembered you telling me about post health issues a while ago in a comment conversation. Health really is so important.

I guess life is one big circus act of balancing our priorities and needs. But I think certain things like food, shelter, water and health are essential to live well 🙂

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Now how can I argue against your selections as they are all excellent my friend.
Maybe they should also have included "kindness" in the list.
But you do indeed have the recipe for world peace, if only Lol.

I love the way "the list" is sooooo much wider and broader than I could ever have imagined too. I love the word and idea of "vitality" too - my first business in Thailand was called Vitality Zone Co Ltd. :)

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Interesting! Cool name for name for a business! What sort of business was it - something health related I presume?