The DETOX Series 1: INTRODUCTION Intoxication and Detoxification of the human body

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but mostly, I would like to say Hello to those of you who are interested in (re)gaining the biological health of your own bodies.

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DETOXIFICATION OF THE BODY - It consists of a set of procedures by which the organism, spontaneously or provoked, eliminates the accumulated residual products.

Intoxication is one of the main causes of the appearance of the diseases.

Treating a disease but also maintenaning our biological health depends on detoxification. To live a healthy life, by the way we eat, think, breathe, pray and act, is at least as important as drug treatment in eradicating a disease.

The human body can be either nourished or distroyed, intoxicated (we're talking here about biological and emotional health). In this case it's relavant to realize the importance of detoxification and restoring the internal equilibrum of the body by (1)cleansing our vital organs, the lymphatic fluid and blood; (2)taking anti-parasitic actions, (3)cell regeneration and (4)restoring the acid-basic balance - all these in order to boost our health and feel energized again.

Detoxification is a natural therapy that, if properly conducted, helps the body stay healthy. Improves cell oxygenation, eliminates constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, permeable bowel syndrome, bloating, edema, diminishes the prominent belly, eliminates intestinal worms, solves sexual, hormonal problems, hair and skin problems, it is essential in eliminating the syndrome of permanent, unjustified fatigue.

The disease itself is a way that the body uses to detoxify itself. That said, the body "uses its disease as a valve". If you have bronchitis, for example, expectorating and sputum are means by which the body periodically removes part of the load (from the disease). Therefore, the symptom is a sign of discharge, reflecting the intensity of the load, being essentially the reaction of the body in the fight with the disease.

Elimination of toxins is just as important as the assimilation of nutrients. This is explained by the fact that the accumulation of toxins can lead to disease. For example, if the excretory system does not work optimally due to poisoning, these wastes will be collected and the person will become ill.

The more the body has accumulated more toxins, metabolic waste and even agglomerations (stones, nodules, lymph nodes, tumors), the weaker the organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin) are depleted, and the disease affects deeper levels.

In case of acute diseases, the body usually reacts physiologically (fever, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, etc.), whereas in chronic ones, the reaction is of a metabolic nature, by disturbing the functions of the internal organs. , enzymatic blockages, decreased immunity, etc.

The disease is a consequence of the intoxication. Energy, metabolic and glandular imbalances occur. They disrupt certain functional structures, not only at the level of the physical body, but also of the mental and spiritual body.

In the next few weeks, I'll write about cleansing and detoxification.

I will write about Natural Methods involving separate drainage of organs, one after another. I gathered the right information studying the book of a dr. from Romania, Virginia Faur, called "Detoxification: the Magic of Healing". She explains each type of cleaning for each organ, calling this process "The cleansing", a phenomena extremely important, practical and irreplaceable in the time when you are about to apply an efficient treatement.

All these drains are a pragmatic knowledge of the fact, medically proven, that without a preliminary elimination of toxins from an organism, no treatment has sufficient long-term value and utility.


Many people think that their disease is primarily a problem for the doctor they call. Because that's why there are doctors--> to cure the diseases, right? Well, it's not like this. At all. The toxins reach our bodies through air, water, food, thoughts. And the doctor can't cure all the mess these things do inside us. YOU ARE RESPONSABLE for your own....body!

In nature there are precise, absolutely logical rules, after which life is conducted. They target the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Any accumulation of residual substances disrupts essential functional levels and structures.

We often neglect the laws of nature, the demands of the body, as well as its signs when, by overeating, by abuse of food addiction, we disturb its functionality.The naturalness of life is defined not by the pleasure of taste, but according to the diet imposed by the digestive system itself. It is the elementary level, common sense, related to food. Therefore, I am what I eat and what I do not eat -- > for which I am my first doctor, because, like any mechanism, we depend on fuel.

And he right fuel is healthy food!

The human body is like a car. We have to take care of its components responsibly, else it will break down. Watch your way of eating, nutrition, tongue, eyes. Learn to decipher their message. You will understand the disease process even before it manifests. The outward signs of the disease (symptoms) are warnings of the onset of an imbalance. And you also have to keep in mind that we are not just treating the 'broken' part, that is, a certain organ, but the whole, so that the mechanism works properly.

In the fololowing articles, I will write about Colon cleansing, Liver and Gallblader cleansing, Pancreas,spleen and stomach cleansing, Lymph cleansing, Kidney cleansing, Bladder cleansing, Lungs cleansing, Skin cleansing, Bones and Joints cleansing, Cardiovascular system cleansing, Nervous system cleansing, Teeth, Tongue, Nose, Eyes and Ears cleansing.

Stay tuned if you're interested!

Wishing you all the health,

Miss Deli


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GREAT images that fit SO WELL with this really important content. Nice one. I can't begin to say enough in support of people understanding the detox-retox cycle and how our health relies on us learning to move away from that. Keeping our body clean, matters.

Look forward to your next articles. :)

Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration.

With Love From @artemislives & ecoTrain

Thank you @artemislives! I really consider detox being as a major step in regaining our health or well-being in general. It's like filling a dirty glass with clean water...right?:)

You're preaching to the choir, girl. Right!! 😊😍

Have you read the book “Let food be thy medicine” (can’t recall author offhand) ?

Vicarious detoxification...exactly what you’re talking about with regards to removing phlegm with bronchitis! So few health promoters know this incredible idea!



Hello there! No, I didnt read the book! But sounds like a lot of good infos in there!
Thank you very much for the reestem!

@trucklife-family here, what a wonderful series, I can't wait for what is to come. There is such great information in here and I agree completely we are what we eat and we really need to take responsibility for our own health.

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Thank you @trucklife-family! I can' wait to share the infos with you and @naturalmedicine team! MAybe it is useful for somebody! I So much love from Romania

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