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RE: Why Oatmeal in the morning? 💜 Blueberry Overnight Oats in a Jar Recipe

Okay I have to admit something. To make it easier on myself I buy the Quaker oatmeal instant packs when my kids want oatmeal. 😬 I know it’s probably filled with all kinds of processed sugars. These oatmeal bowls look so hearty and yummy. I do want to try it this way. The oatmeal in a jar really looks cool, never had it that way.

Do you eat the whole jar in one serving? Also, is there a certain kind of oatmeal you recommend? I LOVE granola, you can never go wrong with that.

Great post and wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing ~


How delicious does she make it look! That light!!

Yessssss! Yummy! 😋

Thank you ladies! Actually, especially this one WAS really Yummy! MAybe because I was craving for it!

Hey dear @crosheille! It's really easy to make it and I feel its kind of making instant oatmeal as well. Just mixing the oats with milk and leave them in the fridge for tomorrow morning. Plus adding some fruits.... I really encourage you to try making overnigh oats. Search on google/pinterest. IT's FULL of great yummy recipes, get some inspiration and try making some.
Well, Yes. I eat all the portion. Making it so often, I know how much I can eat so I don't usually go wrong with portion sizes.:D
And Idk what to say about what oatmeal I could recommend because there are so many on the market plus you leave in US? (I can't remember for sure), me in Romania. You have different stuff there. But me, I always go with old fashioned oats, whole oats and sometimes quick oats. I don't buy prep oats. Granola is fine, I buy that too. I have it with yoghurt. Yup.

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers and hugs!

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