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When talking about this important process that is applied day to day in the health area with respect to nursing, it is important to highlight that it is a triangle that is essential to provide optimal care to the patient who is in the area, whether hospital or ambulatory.



When speaking of communication, it is known that it is essential for the human being, by nature he does not like to be alone. The human being is sociable even if he wants to avoid it, he will always need someone to talk to and even more if he is in unfavorable health conditions, this is where he needs to be able to express his discomfort, ideas, exchanges including ideas to improve his condition health, this is where the nursing staff enters where they must lend their support with respect to communication, it is essential in the field to know how the patient is, how they can improve and how they are progressing.

Nursing is the most present social contact with the patient, there the exchange of thoughts occurs; Here the patient expresses his pain, impression or opinion.

The staff will be in charge of providing help in meeting the needs of your patients, showing empathy, affection, love for their work and esteem for the patient.

All purpose of communication is to obtain a response, regardless if it is negative or positive, and in nursing this is not the exception.


All you have just read here has been my little experience in Basic Nursing.

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Nursing student- @arisita

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