Que Sera Sera, What will be, will be

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When people go to HIVE, will Steem be just a place for cross posts but no interaction? Will it die without proper witnesses? Will one Steem be under one cent, will Steem finally be in mutual consent and be just like all the other centralized social media out there?


Will the main language written in Steem be something else than English? Will downvotes vanish and spammers rule the realm from here to the horizon? Or will sun sett and downvotes start pouring down for everyone.


Will huge upvotes be given for a photo of a soup bowl? Will Steem be futile for others out of the circle? Will Steem become just one of those things that could have been awesome but never achieved that because of greed and greed and greed.


Will Steem be just a shadow of what it used to be? Will there be anything under the hood for future generations to see? Will it be gone and forgotten and sun adored as a savior, as a hero? How will history be written in Steems case?


Or will Steem be remembered as a groundbreaker, a pioneer, first of many?

I like red and white. I support HIVE.


It is hard to say and potentially, Steem could find a new direction, a healthier one. I will be around to observe it at least - from time to time :)

I think I will be publishing posts here that say: "I'm on Hive, come there." Really interesting to see what happens.
I wonder if these tokens migrate too...

not sure about SE tokens yet.

Well, most of those are somewhat spammy. Not this one of course. Others.

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You better get your ass to HIVE or I'll be fucking mad at ya! Lol.

What about my arms? Legs? Head? The rest of me?

Hmm...Bring them along, they're welcome.

I saw a slight hesitation in your words so I don't know... :D

Aww, come on...Ass + the rest of you is far superior to ass alone.

I don't know, this raises few questions like: have I been writing from my ass the whole time I've been here and has my brain had anything to do with this all? Does my brain actually have any valuable thing to offer anyway or where is my brain anyway, is my head just an empty shell and do we have a gut feeling about the location of my brain and and and have I ever had all hands on deck or just one of them and and and where were my feet when all this happened? And who took one of my kidneys? Justin Sun? Sooooooo many unanswered questions.

I'm hoping your feet were attached to your ankles, which were joined to your lower legs, which were attached to your knees, which joined directly to your upper legs, which went straight to your...hips and then your tummy and up to your torso, shoulders and head...Of course, from those shoulders, hopefully sprouted your arms, elbows and hands...At the end of your hands I reckon your fingers would have been present which DID ALL THE BLOODY WORK ON STEEM!

This reminded me of this song:

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!

I am !DERANGED and give some away too...

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