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RE: CTP Talk Wheel of Engagement - 29th March 2020 - This Post now CLOSED for Entries

in Click Track Profit4 years ago

Hey guys!

I hope this works properly today! On the last post, my post showed up 3 times in the end! lol

Yesterday, it was just impossible! On Steem or Hive yes, but not CTP!!!! 😧

In my CTP wallet right now it says my earnings were received "50 years ago"! LOL Oh well, I'm sure things will smoothen out soon enough!

Good luck on the wheel today folks! 🤑

Nope! Transaction Broadcast error 15 times so far..... 😔

P.S. In the end, I upvoted on CTP but had to login to Steempeak to be able to comment!


Hello Lee @griega - yes its all a bit up in the air at the moment -

Thank you @griega for your engagement
Your Up-vote has gone into the prize pool for today and you have been placed onto the prize wheel - Good Luck

Hi again, Russell!

Yes, it's up in the air alright, I've been trying for the last hour to post on todays (31st of March Wheel Of Engagement) on CTP and it won't take it. All I could do was upvote!

I tried Steempeak, but it says the page doesn't exist and on Steemit it doesn't show anywhere for me on your blog or in the communities, even if I swap the date in the link! Hence I'm adding my comment here!:

"Hey everybody!

Way to go, Jenn!

WOW I blinked and we're up to 700 tokens on the wheel!!! YAY! The wheel is spinning and the ball is rolling! ;)

Good luck, @everyone! :)

Was what I was trying to post! lol

Be safe, Lee :)

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