City of Herceg Novi - Day #4

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Finally, in this post, I am writing to you about the city in which I am, and that is Herceg Novi. This is a beautiful city of hilafu steps. I am located at the very top of the city, so I have a beautiful view of the landscape of merging sea and sky through which the beautiful Montenegrin mountains stretch.



In past posts I have advertised, what will I do when inspiration comes to me, but I have decided to make this post more relaxed and let you write your story for these photos. I will be your silent guide through Herceg Novi. Enjoy!


As soon as you descend and pass a thousand steps, you come across a huge monument to King Stefan Tvrtko 1 Kotromanic.


Right next to the monument is this cannon.


So much from me, now it's your turn, enjoy the sightseeing, I hope that someday you will come and visit this city in person.

To be continued...







What a beautiful city, if I may know what country you are from?

The city is really beautiful, I am from Serbia

I like it, very beautiful city..
Have a nice day @sarakey

Thank you :D

Have a nice day too!

You are welcome..
Hopefully we can become friends not only in Steemit ..

Thanks for being our silent guide through Herceg Novi! I like the town and statue and cannon and anchor and beach. I'm glad you got to sit and have a nice drink at the end! :)

It is always a pleasure to share and I like to be a quiet guide sometimes :D

Thanks for the wonderful comment!

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What a beautiful city, sis! 😍😍😍 I'm in love badly! 💙 Great post, keep going! I hope to read you again.

Blessings. :3

Thanks for this wonderful comment, I will continue to work hard and make good posts

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