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Assalam o alaikum to all my friends. I hope you will be well and enjoy good health by the grace of Allah, the Lord of Glory. May Allah keep you happy and protect you from all diseases.


I woke up early in the morning. I offered the Fajr prayer. And then I read the Qur'an and then I went for a walk.





I went for a walk in a park. Flowers were blooming all around the park and its fragrance spread throughout the park. Moisture drops fell on the flowers in the morning and they shone like pearls. Everyone was exercising with their energy in small and small parks. I exercised for a while and then I came back home. After preparing from home, I went to the shop.


Friends, I cleaned the shop well. After cleaning, I sat inside the shop. After a while, I had breakfast.




Friends, this is the machine with which I make glasses by rubbing glass. At about two o'clock I had lunch with my brother. After eating, I took a bath and changed my clothes.


Friends, it was very hot today, so I went out of the shop for a while and went to drink sugarcane juice. Friends, here you can see how this machine has been burning with sugarcane. Friends, sugarcane juice is very good in summer. Sugarcane juice is very useful for dangerous diseases like hepatitis.




About an hour later I came back home. The sun was setting in the west. After that I closed my shop and went to my friend.

After that I went to meet my friends to verify my bank account. Then I came back home. It was a time of rest. So I went to my bed and turned to ashes.

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Thank you for sharing in Steem Geography! Your post has been selected for today as part of the Steemit Communities support Program.
I appreciate a lot your engagement with this community.

I’d love to hear more from you!!

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Madam thanks for this kindness so much .

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