Account Booster Upvote Season No. 1

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Hello Community,

Account Booster is growing very well. It's time to bring in a little more power.
That's why I'm starting the first Account Booster Upvote season today. This runs until the end of 2021.
The rules are very simple. I'm starting the season today and handing over the baton to @georgia11
So @georgia11 now has the baton.

  1. The new baton holder, in this case @georgia11 (or the respective elected member) passes the baton to another member. Each holder of the baton can freely choose the successor. The new baton holder does not necessarily have to be a member of "Account Booster". We support every Steemian to whom the baton was handed over. Of course we are happy when our community recruits new members.
  2. The new baton holder writes a comment under this post where the new user will be named in exact this form:
    I give over the baton to @name (@name means of curse the real member name)
    Please do not write more than this as a comment.
  3. All members give that comment from the last baton holder (in this case @georgia11) a 100% upvote. So please check out the comment section on this post every day. I'm pinning this post up so that it will remain visible as long as this season is running.
  4. So that the members are not overwhelmed, fortward the baton max 3 times per day. If 3 successors have already been named, please wait until the next day.
    Everyone is only allowed to pass the baton once. The next one passes the baton and then the next one. So there are 3 steemians per day who can be supported by this action. Please no more! People need their SP for others too :-).
  5. Please don't use your alter egos!

@georgia11 You have the baton. Please pass this on by specifying a new recipient.

If the baton is not forwarded for 2 days because the new baton holder does not react, I will pass the baton on myself to an other member. This should prevent this Season from being interrupted. In this case, of course, you don't need to give me an upvote. We want to boost serious steemians with our upvotes. I don't want to enrich myself 😊.

Keep BOOST our Blockchain

I hope you all take part!

Because it can get confusing here in the comment section under this post, it is enough to take a look at the mentions. These are displayed at

@afriprincess190 (no reaction)
@acom (no reaction)



Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

My better search for STEEMIT:

 3 years ago 

The idea is brilliant, no one has to sacrifice anything to help others and everyone is motivated to push each other forward, it doesn't get any better than that ;-)

This is a great way to help each other @josual!!

It really is a brilliant idea I love it

 3 years ago 

I followed you

Congratulations @kryptodenno on the selection of the baton

 3 years ago 

I followed you

 3 years ago 

congratulations for getting the baton.

 3 years ago 

I followed you

Dear @seo-boss this is a pure revolution in steemit ecosystem, first of it's kind, brilliant idea of passing the baton...nice innitiave and a workable ideas...

 3 years ago 

I followed you

Thank you so much @nikecruz

I really like this game I hope this community grows big

You're welcome @kryptodenno 🙂

 3 years ago 

I followed you

How i can get baton..?

 3 years ago 

I followed you

I give over the baton to @adew

 3 years ago 

Finally I've found you @adew, here's your Vote.

You don't have the baton at all :-).

I want the baton

Good luck

 3 years ago 

I followed you

Hallo @adew You must over hand the baton to other participants.

Please pass the baton to another steemian.

 3 years ago 

I followed you

 3 years ago 

I followed you

 3 years ago (edited)

thank you so much i pass over the baton to @josua1
thank you @meryn21 and @seo-boss

OK thank you! @josua1 has the baton now.

I hand over the baton to @andryea
thank you @seo-boss

 3 years ago 

Sorry, I'm late, here's your Vote.

Nice its moving

Ok thanks for joining in. @andryea now has the baton.

Cheers to all friends. Hope everyone can feel stick
Thank you @seo-boss for being late in making a very interesting event for new account users

amazing its moving :)

Thank you so much I pass the baton to @acom
Thanks @seo-boss

 3 years ago 

I'm glad it's finally moving forward, now it remains to be seen when @acom will take its chance.

Yea let’s hope @acom reacts

Why on earth would you pass the baton to someone who already has 150,000 SP?
I thought this program was to help the little fish grow?

he is 1 of the 2 people who showed how crypto work and steem

I immediately had this question in my head.

Hopefully he will react

Thanks @jusua1 for passing me the baton, I will also do the honor of passing the baton to @aris123. Thanks for the opportunity @seo-boss.

 3 years ago 

Thanks you@timani

I hand over the baton to @reunengsteem
thank you @seo-boss

Thank you @seo-boss for baton,👍👍👍

i want to get baton too

Please continue to support us little ones. and thank you for all your support to me

Thank you @andryea, how long do i hold the baton.,?

Do not be too long. give it to someone else

 3 years ago 

Thanks for handing over the Baton to me @rahmamuatuah and I appreciate @seo-boss for this idea. I hand over the Baton to @nickjon

OK, thank you.
@nickjon has the Baton now.

Huge thanks!

 3 years ago 

Your welcome .peace🙏

I am not yet a member, but I would wish the existing members understand your @seo-boss objectives and drive that.

For instance, the baton has been moving as much as it can but most times the person passing the baton gets little upvote, I would wish to appeal to members to please encourage each other with their upvotes, I believe that is the objective of this baton movement and to also keep the group lively.
However, I think there should be duration in which a holder holds the baton say maybe for two or three days, like that everyone will be anticipating for the day the baton will be passed over to a new holder and they will be ready with their upvotes, than just holding it and passing it anytime any day that way most people won't take note of it.
Please that was just my humble suggest.

....Wondering why am not a member yet? Well, let's say I am yet to know what it takes to be a member. So I don't mind if I could be assisted with that, thank you.

I give over the baton to @n-chris

many thanks to @seo-boss

Great, thank you!
Now @n-chris has the baton.

I give over the baton to @adew
Many thanks to @seo-boss

 3 years ago 

Here is a late vote @n-chris, because the owners of the baton are not always easy to find with all the comments ;-)

Ok, @adew now has the baton.

thank you so much

I gave the baton to @parmin

OK, now @parmin has the baton.

I give the baton @Irwandisamudra

 3 years ago (edited)

@Irwandisamudra already had the baton. Now @umysyarifah has the baton.

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