You can earn Dance and music tokens if you can't be part of #club5050 - Please read!

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Dear dance and music lovers

Every day is a beautiful day. You have always to be happy because you are here for a reason. As long as you are helping others you will be helped.
For me just being able to dance and train outdoors makes me happy, when I sing I'm even happier and when I play the guitar I'm super happy.

You are stopping here to read my post because either you follow me or because you are intrigued by the title.

In both cases, it's good that you are here.

A couple of days ago I stopped being part of #club5050 because it was no longer viable. I won't explain in this post what #club5050 is since you should already know that.

I created this community in January 2020 because I wanted to make it easier for dance and music lovers to take part in the longest-running events on Steemit, at the time "The dance contest", "Dance and have fun", "Sing and play" and "Keep fit and have fun".

Nowadays everyone is creating contests and that could make me think that people were very good to copy somebody else's ideas. My events are no longer supported and I don't know why and I don't want to know it.

I know that I do well what I do and you don't need to have a big audience to be successful in what you do. You see me very often dancing in the park and the reason is that when I go clubbing there are too many people who want to use my energy to have fun and that's fine but not all the time. So I prefer dancing in the park surrounded by nature instead of dancing in a club surrounded by people.

This post is getting too long and maybe many of you by now have already stopped reading it.

Let me cut it short. You won't get support from the Steemit team if you are not part of #club5050 at least.

I like to support all dance and music lovers on Steemit. If for any reason you can't be part of #club5050, you will still receive support in the dance and music community.

Please support this post, share it and send me some tokens too if you can't support the post with an upvote.

Where to find Dance and music tokens (DAM),

"Respiro" - Original short composition by Donatello

Thank you for reading!

 9 months ago 

"As long as you are helping others you will be helped." These words are quite true my friend @donatello . You`ve always been helpful to others so let me thank you once more for creating this artistic environment and for keeping it alive all those years.

Thank you for writing this comment, it's very important that other musicians and dancers know that they will always receive support in this community.

 9 months ago 

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 10033434

From: @shemzee
To: @danceandmusic

Amount: - 20 DT

Thank you so much for stopping by and of course for the tokens too!

03/05/2022, 13:49:51

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 10033444

From: @donatello
To: @shemzee

Amount: - 4 STEEMP

Memo: Thank you for your support!

nice your music tone

Que melodía tan hermosa amigo la disfruté mucho, siempre te has mantenido firme a pesar de todo y ese es un gran ejemplo para nosotros. Gracias por darme la oportunidad de seguir aquí. Recuerda que al final del tunel siempre hallarás la luz. Dios te bendiga. 😘😘😘

Muchas gracias por ver el vídeo y dejar un comentario tan bonito!
Que tengas un hermoso día!

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