Sing and play week 195 - My entry - Sending you some positive energy - Guitar vibes

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Dear dance and music lovers

Unfortunately, I stopped posting on because it became pointless. I'm powering down my account on Hive but I'm using HIVE to invest in the Dance and music token (DAM) on Hive engine.
I'm happy that the Dance and music show is doing well on
I'm also active on where people are supporting my work.

Unfortunately, here on Steemit apart from a few people my posts don't receive enough support. It's fine because if you have been working for yourself for more than twenty years, you know where to look for opportunities.

This is my entry for Sing and play week 195.


Hai @donatello 👍

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@sultan-aceh 🤝

Thank you for watching my video!
I appreciate your support.

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