Basic Income tokens are here to support you - Round 17

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Dear dance and music lovers

Unfortunately, this platform is very much centralised. Early investors lost their money several times. I'm not going to say again and again how Steemit could be saved. I have been here longer than anybody I know.

Please support the following content creators:


New and experienced steemians cannot rely only on upvotes. I will use this description for future rounds of this initiative.

Would you like to support other members of this community?

Send them some Basic Income tokens (BI). You can also send some BI to other steemians who are not in this community.

We need some small buy orders on in order to have liquidity. Feel free to place some buy orders. Any amount is welcome even, 0.0001 STEEM.

You will need a Chrome extension that you can find on in order to use Steem engine.

Visit, if you need to contact

Leave your transaction here as a comment!

Our dance and music community is growing a lot on other platforms too.

Please support other members' posts!

Active members:

Members who create posts unrelated to dance and music are not in the list above.

N.B. You will no longer receive Basic Income tokens if you sell more than 3 BI in one transaction or in a week. You will no longer receive an upvote from me if you sell all your BI. Rules can change if more people place buy orders.


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