2.5% Beneficiary Rewards for DLIKE Affiliates - Earn Lifetime From All your Referrals

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Hello Steemians!

As per per our last announcement, we have added beneficiary rewards for affiliates.

2.5% Beneficiary Rewards For DLIKE Affiliates

DLIKE has added a new reward system for affiliates where 2.5% out of DLIKE Beneficiary Reward will go to affiliates. With this new update, DLIKE's beneficiary reward will go down to 5% from 7.5%. From now on, every post made by users referred by you, will earn 2.5% beneficiary rewards for life. This will be in addition to the 20 DLIKE tokens for each referral. You also get points for each of your referral in daily DLIKE reward pool.

How to Invite new users?

To invite new users on DLIKE, simply use the link below on your preferred promotional platforms like social media, blogs and other forms of promotion.
Make sure to change steem_user_name with your own steem username.

Free and Instant Signup on DLIKE

DLIKE has implemented a free and instant signup for new users where only email verification is needed to have steem account. We encourage more and more users to be on decentralized social networks by taking this initiative. This free signup has the facility to start writing and sharing without any RC need for first couple of posts. So all users referred by you will not have any difficulty in signup or in use of steem blockchain.

Upcoming updates for easy to use Login

DIKE is working on an easy to use login system for steem where long keys will be replaceable with smart and easy to remember passwords just like any other social media. Privacy will be our core value in this new login system. We are very sure to test this system with our users very soon!

DLIKE Android App

We are trying our best to complete android version quickly as only few features in testing before it will be available for testing!.

Upvote For DLIKE Witness

DIKE needs your support to improve dapp further more.. For this please add your support with upvote for DLIKE witness.

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Hey @dlike, this is not meant as spam, but to invite you to this week's "talkchannel" and tell a little about yourself and what your job is all about. And why we want to vote for you
Regards @xpilar (Wold and the Xpilar community)


Very nice!

Here i want to mention crypto affiliation program offered by KOINPRO an exchange Bitcoin and stocks trading platform rewarded its affiliation community upto 4 Tier, with trading fee allocated 42%.

This is a good idea I like it

Nice incentive to people bring new users to plataform.

nice concept to recreation the people

Of course that is the only way going forward as we said several times on influencers discord channel

I don't know why, but I still don't fully understand how this whole thing works :)

Beneficiaries are set once a post is made from DLIKE. We have divided DLIKE beneficiary reward into 2 sections, 5% for DLIKE and 2.5% to the affiliates. So If a user who has been referred by someone, has same beneficiary cut of 7.5% but split is made between affiliate and DLIKE

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