Steeming Diaries Community | Weekly Report + Monthly Curation Reward Distribution + POWER UP.

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Hello Steeming Diaries Community Members,

Steeming Diaries Community is one place where everyone can share/keep their daily record of Thoughts, Feelings, Events, and Experiences, also

The community is not only limited to this, based on your skill, expertise, and interest that you have on any topics like social, photography, management, politics, etc, you can publish post on those topics in the Steeming Diaries Community.

Till date Steeming Diaries Community has tried on best level to support each member of the community, apart from that community also support other users on Steemit.

Users are welcome to delegate any amount of SP to the Community as we provide 100% curation reward in STEEM and also same amount of TRX. Steeming Diaries Community is trying on best level to achieve best curation reward.

In order to build engaging community, members are requested to visit others and encourage to posters by your innovative comments as Comments, Votes are performed an important role for Community, hence involved with your innovative Comments & Votes on other active users posts.

Steeming Diaries Community Status.

Till date total subscribers, pending rewards and active posters.

Voting strength of Community curation account.


Below are the total delegators till date with Steeming Diaries Community.

Steeming Diaries Community Weekly Curation Report.

Considering Vote power and on best efforts Steeming Diaries Community have curated posts that published in Steeming Diaries Community and other posts curated that published in tags thediarygame, cryptoacademy.

All curation has been done by the manual work

Below are the curation reports from 28th September 2021 To 02nd October 2021.

Steeming Diaries Community Monthly Curation Reward Distribution.

Steeming Diaries Community give you 100% Curation Rewards in STEEM and equal amount of TRX too.

Curation Rewards Calculation.

  • Total days For SP Delegated = Total days in month - the day on which SP delegated.
    Example: @username delegated 100 SP to Steeming Diaries Community on date of 18th and total days in September 2021 is 30, so @username delegated SP 100 will apply for total days in September 2121 = 30-17 = 13, which mean it will count from the same day on which SP delegated.

  • Average Effective Delegated SP by Days In Sep 21 = Delegated Amount (SP) x Total days For SP Delegated In Sep 21 / 30

  • Earned Curation Reward In SP For a user = Average Effective Delegated SP for user / total Average Effective Delegated SP from all users * total curation earned.

  • Earned Curation Reward In TRX = Same amount of Earned Curation Reward In SP

Please note that Steeming Diaries Community own SP will also count in Curation Rewards as community is trying to produce author rewards which will further use for Community growth.

Calculation of STEEM Power and Curation Rewards is based on 0.000 digit. It means if calculation of earned SP is 9.86381282 then it will consider as 9.863

Those who delegated SP in middle of the current month and if they continue in next month then from next month the Total days For SP Delegated will calculate full days of Month, accordingly from next month the Average Effective Delegated SP will also increase to as per total delegated SP.

To collect required information we use following tools , which is made by developer @starlord28 and which made by developer @steemchiller, Thank You @starlord28 and @steemchiller.

Based on above calculation details, the Monthly Curation Reward Distribution will be as below.

Curation Rewards In STEEM and TRX has been distributed, please find below details.

Thank You To all Delegators, looking continue support from you.


After distributing curation rewards, the remaining author rewards has been used to Power UP. 49 STEEM has been kept in balance, if we have any contest then it will use to give as prizes. Total Power up today is 350 SP.


Below are the new subscribers of Steeming Diaries Community in last one Week.

@sheycvo @yeynys @zealyakub @poojadhulap @sxshx @abdalmalk-allary @emmi89 @kathe123 @meehu @chuzzy

Welcome To Steeming Diaries Community

Engaging & Commenting.

Comments, Votes are performed an important role for Community, hence involved with your innovative Comments & Votes on other active users posts.


Thank You.
(Community & Curation Account For Steeming Diaries Community)

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Thanks for the update I am also trying to invite some people from the newcomer's community and Also inviting my friends to join the steemit. I hope we will grow very soon


I started my dairy post from our community so that's the reason I think it should grow and steemit is a beautiful opportunity for every individual and it should also give them side income. That's reason I recommended everyone to join the steemit

Steemit is a beautiful opportunity for every individual and it should also give them side income. That's the reason I recommended everyone to join the steemit


The users joined to Steemit with the intention of earning/side income and ideally, everyone here is for the same which we can't deny, but I will suggest to all those new people that don't think for side income at the initial level because that will be temporary and will always depend on others vote, first of all, focus on increasing STEEM Power.

Increasing steem power will benefit in long time vision and also help for Steemit Development. But many users do not understand the actual Power of Curation Rewards.

Let's see.

#india #affable

You have been upvoted by @sapwood, a Country Representative from INDIA. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into Steemit.

Engagement is essential to foster a sense of community. Therefore we would request our members to visit each other's post and make insightful comments.

Thank you.

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