🌟❤️THE DIARY GAME | Better Life With Steem | 5th June, 2021 🌟❤️

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Good Morning☕️


I woke up at 06:00 as I am on the morning shift today also. I got fresh, powered on my office laptop, and logged in for my morning shift at 06:25. I sent a login email, checked my emails, and follow up cases. Then I started to work on scheduled tasks. I received handovers from the night shift.

I took a short break and sit to have morning tea and breakfast around 08:00. We are building new separate bathrooms, so work in progress. The workers came and started their work. I resume my work at 08:30.

Good Afternoon🌞

In the afternoon, I took a break around 12:30 and we had our lunch at 13:00. After lunch, I came to my room and sit to check my Steemit account once for any updates, I cleared all my notifications on my cell phone and then I unlock my break around 13:55.

I started to work on all open cases to finish before my shift ends. I passed all the leftover cases to the afternoon shift at 15:10 and logged out from my shift at 15:25. I shut down my office laptop and took some rest.

Good Evening🌙

In the evening, I woke up around 17:30, got fresh, and sit to check my Steemit account. I powered on my desktop machine and logged into my Steemit account, reviewed the comments received, replied to them, voted on some posts.

I started to work on my Steemit Nursery Tasks, I welcome and assigned labels to the new users. After checking the Steemit Nursery, I moved on to the Newcomers Community and started to check and verify the achievement tasks of the users.

I called my nephew in Mumbai India and we shared our updates. I called @stream4u on WhatsApp and shared our updates, discussed on Crypto Portfolio.

We dropped our call around 20:45 and I took a break and sit with my family members to have our dinner. After dinner, I came to my room and to sit to check my Steemit account again. I checked the comments received and replied to them. I checked vote power and voted on a few posts accordingly. I wrote my one of past daily diary posts and after posting the same, shut down my machine around 23:00 and went to bed. また明日。おやすみなさい!

Note: I am doing work from home for the last one and a half years, due to COVID-19 my daily activity is limited like everyone else. I hardly get out and spend my all days in my room switching between my job and Steemit. I feel very lucky that I was introduced to this wonderful platform and I am enjoying my time here.

Thank you!
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Thank you!

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