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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the homesteading community! Especially to those that joined early when Communities were still in beta!

Anyone that has ever done any homesteading knows that it is assuredly something that involves a wide variety of skills, information, knowledge, tools, techniques and so much more that it is really hard to sum 'homesteading' up as a single thing or topic.

There is also all the stuff that is created on a homestead like food, clothes, crafts, art, writing, photos and all number of things that are actually done on a homestead in one way shape or another or are just a part of the lifestyle itself.

No two homesteads are identical and not all solutions work the same for all scenarios. There are a huge variety of differences in the way folks both present and even categorize a 'homestead' so please be respectful in this Community of those differences, share what you know from your perspective and please foster a friendly environment.

Please feel free to post whatever you want to post in this Community as long as it is somehow homesteading related.

Even if you feel it is somehow remotely homesteading related just because it 'happened' at a homestead or something that you want to know about homesteading please feel free to post it here or ask a question about it.

If you have information to share or a question to ask please feel free to do so in this Community via writing a post or making a reply.

If you feel that a reply or comment on a post deserves it's own topic please feel free to post it as a new topic of your own and preferably with the original thread of the conversation or it's parent post.

Welcome aboard and I am looking forward to what this community becomes.

Thanks for reading!


An old homestead on a winter's day.

That Is All For Now!

You can join the new Homesteading Community here:


With help from @SteemPeak there is now a Homesteaders Badge for all the Homesteaders that Create and Curate content on the Steem blockchain.

If you would like to be added to the list of those given a Homesteaders Badge please follow @badge-131313 so that you can be manually reviewed for a Badge.

Learn more about Badges here:

You can join the new Homesteading Community here:


The Homesteaders Badge Looks Like This!

Cheers! & Happy Steeming!

I really like the look of this new badge... you should switch to this one it's awesome.

This one?


Or the original one?

Which do you prefer @Jarvie?


This one or the one original one?

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Looking good! you can't have too many homesteading communities!

Thanks! That is my thinking as well!

I am currently looking into creating a homesteading badge for homesteaders.

You can check out available badges here: https://steempeak.com/badges

Here is an introduction to badges by: @SteemPeak https://steempeak.com/hive-175001/@steempeak/intro-badges

Badge Ideas:

Homesteading Badge Idea.

Homesteading Badge Idea With Lettering.

Cheers & Happy Steeming!

You can join the new Homesteading Community here:

Congratulations, your post has been selected to be included in my weekly Sustainability Curation Digest for the Minnow Support Project.

Hi, I've noticed that you've created diy-homestead who is also creating multiple new communities, some being duplicates. My opinion is that duplicates divide and thin the community, which hurts the effort. I've also noticed you have crossposted a few posts, some duplicate crossposts as well including your own.

According to Steempeak cross posting is intended to make quality content evergreen and one should never crosspost blogs that our their own or before the first payout period. So all crossposted content should be older than the 7 day payout period and only once per 7 days there after. All your crossposts violate the intended purpose and I'm just giving you a heads up.

Good luck

Thanks @notconvinced! I had no idea about the crossposted content needing to be older than seven days or that I should not crosspost my own material. Doh!

As for the communities I only have two of them. The Homesteading one and the Off Grid one which in my perspective are two separate things even though there is a good bit of overlap between the two.

The Homesteading community I created during the beta phase and the Off Grid community I created after communities went public. I created the @diy-homestead account several months ago for curating with.

I appreciate the feedback.

You also have a diy community too(I assumed there may be more, because I havent gone through all the communities). I notice you arent part of NaturalMedicine, which also supports homesteading posts. I hope youll check them out and maybe we can all work together with tribesteemup, homesteaders co-op, The Ramble and Eco-train.

Nice to meet you.😀

The DIY Community found here: https://steempeak.com/c/hive-173726/created
Was created by: @build-it and not me.

I am a member of the Natural Medicine Community so I am unsure what you mean by that.

As far as I was aware most of those communities are already working together.

Often when folks tell me:

Nice to meet you.

My response is usually: We will determine that later.

At which point we either laugh... or not.

Sorry, you aren't a member in the NM Discord server where you can coordinate support better for your own initiative to grow your sp.

Since you also crossposted to diy, I thought it was yours too. My mistake.

Yeah. I dislike Discord and primarily only use it when I really need some help with technical support and to assist a developer friend.

Sorry/Not-Sorry that I don't drink the Kool-Aid which is often what I think of Discord as. Not that I judge those that do or anything. It is just my preference.

As far as SP goes. I have been doing what I do on here for a while now and am rather open about the things that I am working on.

If folks wanted to delegate they would... if not I will continue doing what I have been doing which is to just keep sharing and earning so that I can finance my own initiatives.

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