I was ambushed by animals!

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On my visit to the market this week, I was ambushed by animals as soon as I went through the door! Apparently, they were tired of being quarantined in the market and wanted some companionship so they beckoned me to come closer. A cuddly bear was asking a little pink unicorn girl to kiss him, but she sat demurely nearby, perhaps too shy to comply.

Or maybe he wanted a kiss from me and every other girl who walked by! 💋 LOL

The little pink unicorn seemed perfectly happy enjoying the lush greenery all around her. She has nailed the art of living in-the-moment, quite successfully.

And then I saw Harry Llama — who was, indeed, ever so hairy! — trying to act nonchalant and debonhair debonair Or, perhaps, he was merely intently Peru٠sing some tasty plants that he could eat!

Continuing around the jungle of flowers and houseplants, I found more unicorns! These were such colorful beasties — light green fur, pink ears & mane, orange toes, and shiny gold horns on their foreheads! I feel sure @katrina-ariel would want to give these little critters many of her wonderful hugs!

Marketing trips are still being done in an orchestrated manner, with shoppers being directed to dance only one-way down the aisles to avoid as much close contact with other patrons as possible. There are many sections of the stores that are still completely empty (such as the paper-products aisle: toilet-paper, paper towels, facial tissue) and cleaning-products (especially disinfectants, bleach). Other sections are highly picked-over with sparse selections (canned meat, bread, dish soap, half-n-half, and other such products). I am sure that I, a widow living alone, has it much easier coping than families with many mouths to feed. And I remain grateful that I am finding the items I need, or at least something close to what I need.

This was a #marketfriday adventure, initiated by the charming @dswigle and she would enjoy seeing your market, whether on Friday or any other day! Show us your market!


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 3 years ago 

It was Katrina-Ariel that I thought immediately when I saw the unicorn! I mean, seriously, right? I love that hairy llama! I have always wanted an alpaca, but, a llama would be cool too.

I feel a little cheated. My market doesn't have any cute animals, but, they do have TP and everything else. We are pretty well-stocked every day as they stock every night (and now close at night) f you go n the morning, you get everything, but, towards the end of the day, it gets a little slim. This was awesome and I loved the story to go with it! I thank you so much for your support!

Thank you for joining!!!

You know how much fun it is to have you here at the challenge! It is always a pleasure to see you join #MarketFriday. Every week, it seems to grow in size, giving us new places to explore. Because of you and people like yourself, #MarketFriday has become successful. I am sure there are many times that much effort goes into putting these posts together. So much effort, so little time. There is a certain sense of warmth in my heart, and it is that of being thankful. I can’t thank you enough for being part of the challenge.

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