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RE: Having an Epiphany

Hi. I'm like you, get it all done in one day. Last year we tossed our old tree and started over. It was less to do because I haven't gone all in to get more decorations. Maybe for 2020.

You had such a beautiful tree and soooooo many decorations. They are all beautiful.

Have a great day.

 2 years ago 

Oh, thank you so much! That is the little tree! We have three and I love each and every one of them. It is because I live in Washington, DC and all of my family is in Connecticut and the Northeast, so they all come down! I decorate each floor with a tree to make it festive. I have had a live tree my entire life, but, my mom had finally gone to an artificial tree when she turned 75. :)

You should have gotten your ornaments and decorations when they went on clearance this year! I love a good bargain! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your always awesome comments!


I usually go out shopping during the after Xmas sales to get items on sale. But I wasn't feeling well this year, and the weather was a bit cool for me. I still have 2 weeks until 1/31 before they send all Xmas stuff back to the warehouse.

 2 years ago 

Do they really? I like those Christmas stores that have Christmas all year long! LOL

Me too. But the year-round stores don't have the deep discounts. Only at certain times. If you shop the stores that carry seasonal, then you can get really good deal, such as up to 90% off.

And you wouldn't believe the stores with the beautiful items can be found in high end grocery stores, pharmacies, and specialty stores. I've found the most exquisite wrapping paper down Isle 9 of the grocers, lol.

 2 years ago 

I know!!!! Seriously! I find the best stuff that way. I only go to the special stores when I am looking for something different!

I found the best paper at TJ Maxx this year! Last year too!

Yes, TJMaxx is the bomb! And when you're standing in the checkout line waiting to move up, they have all the items you forgot on each side of you. Can't resist throwing them in the basket. I add another $50 easily that way. Can't leave them, lol.

Yes, their wrapping paper and Xmas cards are the best, besides Tuesday Morning. And as I said before, I never met a Xmas card I didn't like! But I'm in therapy. It's called "2020 budget". lol

Thanks so much for the tip. I'm gonna try to decorate mine as beautiful as yours this year. I have all year to prepare.

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