Durban's Summer Flowering Trees

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Beat the Heat Walk in Parks under Trees

When I said we have more flowers in winter to summer, I must have been out of my mind..., sharing trees while take a walk on Sunday the whole world was alive enjoying some cool weather after the rain. Washed clean, a delightful show of trees and flowers, some are high off the ground so a little zooming required to show.


Mother nature has a way of dealing with certain trees, first one up looked like a stump ready to fall into the river below, huh I am still alive and well let me show you just how much! Purple flowers this may be a Cape Chestnut (Rutaceae family).

Bark of tree is used in skin ointments by traditional inhabitants, seeds that follow flowering may be crushed into soap making.



Another twenty foot away I kid you not, the Power Puff Tree enticing every bee (I believe bats at night) in the neighborhood to come take a sip of the nectar.


Red soil is covered in a carpet of pinky creamy white, pungent sweet smell rises from the fallen flowers. Buds are fairly evenly spaced along the long racemes, are just starting to open...


Powder Puff (Barringtonia racemosa) is in the thick of things enjoying being close up to other trees enjoying their shade.

Traditional Zulu medicine use parts of the tree to treat malaria, I do believe others countries where this tree is found have a variety of uses, boasting anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Although these seed may have floated over to the East Coast of Southern Africa it is found all along the eastern coastline, was heralded tree of the year a couple of years ago for it's beauty.


Cricket team are on the green hollering away under the morning sun, while Hadeda's on the outer edge watch play, perhaps they too were enjoying the merriment going on on the day.

Truly a lovely day to be out walking, seeing teams enjoying the sports fields with men competing on the larger field, and ladies on the smaller field training for upcoming competitions.

Here we are meandering around the field, really have to think a long, long way back to when I last played cricket with my sons in the garden or on the beach....



Return trip I noticed what appears to be a Brides Bush (Pavetta lanceolata), with dainty white flowers high up. Looks like delicate lace against the sky, with a pretty perfume, it is so named, used for traditional wedding ceremonies.


Zooming in to see the flowers high up in the canopy....


To the best of my knowledge all three trees are indigenous to our region, none are listed, all three produce very pretty flowers to enjoy when out on a walk in under the trees avoiding the sun.


Joining in @old-guy-photos hosting Tree Tuesday tag every week - @tattoodjay getting us out to walk tag Wednesday Walk with Make Me Smile tag with @elisacheng - Thanks to @bluemist for sponsoring Wednesday Walk.


Thought for Today: "Milk and honey have different colours, but they share the same house peacefully." ~ African Proverb

All photography is my own using a Canon PowerShot SC730 HS, resized to load easier, writing is my own.

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A lovely walk around Joan. Nice to see flowering trees while it is winter here.


 2 years ago 

Not sure if recent rains have presented us with so many flowering trees, perhaps summer is too hot to stop and take note properly.

Great walk and !DERANGED photos 😁

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 2 years ago 

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 2 years ago 

Thanks @steemitbloggers and #theluvbug appreciate your visit.

Such a beautiful area for a walk, lovely trees and been so long since i saw people out playing cricket

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

 2 years ago 

These sports fields are quite busy with rugby, soccer (football), baseball and cricket. Also offer tennis and squash courts. It's summer so cricket at the moment on a Sunday.

Cricket is not big here as it is there and in NZ my dad was an avid cricket fan, I never got into it and could not watch a 5 day game like he used to I found it so boring I would rather watch paint dry LOL
mind you the 2020 games can be good to watch

 2 years ago 

Definitely a game to play not watch, prefer the shorter day/night games, those laboriously long 5 day games I find I too would rather watch paint dry...

A lovely walk my dear friend. Those trees are certainly a joy to behold!

 2 years ago 

Very well kept area with a lot of indigenous trees Stephen.

A lovely area indeed Lady Joan and great that it is neat and tidy.

Wow, nice photography of Durban's Summer flowering trees.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for visiting and comment.

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Thank you @steemitworldmap

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Beautiful images...

Those are some really beautiful trees! Must be heavenly to walk amidst them! Are most of the quite fragrant? (I noticed you said the brides bush and powder puff was, how about the others?
Lovely to see the different trees from the other side of the world!
Thanks for sharing!

 2 years ago 

Purple flowers too high up in the tree to get the fragrance, will have to be more observant in future.

Many of our very strong perfumed flowers appear to attract bats which we don't often see being dark, we do notice them sometimes at dusk hovering around certain trees, never seen them settle.

I put up a bat house to try attract more bats around our place to eat some of the massive amounts of mosquitoes we get here. Do you have much of a mosquito problem there?

 2 years ago 

Mosquitoes are international, I am sure not matter where I go in the world they find me. Certain regions over here you need malaria tablets before going into area.

Putting up an owl house we found the vervet monkeys destroy everything, never heard of a bat house, although I have seen bats flying out of the roof next door many years ago, where they must have found shelter.

 2 years ago 

Truly beautiful flowering trees and amazingly, every single one of them has been utilized for a job! I wonder how many we have that we render useless because we don't realize their properties.

People relying on trees and Mother Nature to provide medications! I am so taken with home remedies. They seem to be the best for so many things.

A lovely walk, Joan. You live in such a beautiful country with loveliness surrounding you! Thank you for sharing the pictures and for all the information on the trees!

Have a great day!


 2 years ago 

Tree bark is used often in traditional medicines plus many other uses, handed down to the Sangoma or Inyanga, both extremely important in Southern African culture South African Traditional Healers

Trees offer so much we never stop to consider what is in this tree. A local friend opened a soap factory where a Sangoma (term mainly used where I live) had to be present to observe use of correct herbs, roots, bark going into different soap for different cleansing, Sangoma also had his people supply stock it is a trade still being used. Each soap carefully labeled in variety of different colours even a black soap. It was an usual learning curve watching the process.

One regret is we were never taught a local dialect growing up, many who grew up in KwaZulu-Natal learned Zulu, something not offered living in-land six hundred kilometers away.

Thanks for visiting, yes trees, each one an interesting character all on it's own.

 2 years ago 

How interesting the culture is, Joan! Thank you for sharing it!

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Lovely typical Durban summer scenery! And how hot it's been! But I think you were right about the winter flowers Joan, they're way more colourful than in summertime. Our current guest is a German gentleman who really appreciates nature and was taking closeup pics of the flowers, had to zoom in quite a bit to see them. Can't get greener anywhere else besides KZN not so, well here in SA at least!

 2 years ago 

Flaming aloe and red flowers seem to appear more in winter which gives the feeling of colour, many trees in flower at the moment which I had not noticed previously perhaps it is the rains we have had.

Durban sure is green, not surprised with humidity being pretty high of late. Hope your German guest gets to find many unusual flowers perhaps direct him to the botanical gardens, somewhere I will visit in winter.

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Hi Joan nice photos!
Trees with flowers are always fascinating :)

 2 years ago 

Trees have given a stunning show this summer.

Beautiful photographs @joanstewart

 2 years ago 

Have not seen you of late, trust you are all well @pandamama thanks for visiting.

Been busy on Whaleshares but keen to return to Steemit and visit old friends

 2 years ago 

Ohhh that weather

 2 years ago 

Little cooler the way I like it.

deranged You just received DERANGED @joanstewart Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

 2 years ago 

Beautiful pictures! Nature can be surprising if we do take the time to look at it!

 2 years ago 

Have noticed the Powder Puff over the years, other two suddenly caught my attention. Good rains at the right time of the year, and yes walking around with your eyes open....

Thank you for the great, colorful walk on this cold winter day.
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 2 years ago 

Glad it warmed you up :)

Trees that flower are amazing and beautiful. I've never really thought about why some trees flower and others don't, until now. Diversity among trees! :) Are the cricket guys doing pre-season practice or just regular practice during the season?

 2 years ago 

Men were having an inter-club game, the girl cricketers where doing a practice run. Actually I am surprised they don't play earlier in the morning only started at 9 am when the heat is already starting to kick-in.

What a relaxing walk there. I think it's what I need after a long day at work. I like that power puff tree as the flowers looks like fireworks exploding.

 2 years ago 

Powder puff is found is Asia not as pink I believe more white in colour, really a pretty flower to look at, the pungent smell in the heat not so enjoyable.

 2 years ago 

I think it's great that you have such knowledge about trees and their uses. Trees have usually, for me, fallen into one of two categories: "Pretty" or "Not". I attribute that to growing up in the city and not having a care other than knowing food comes from the grocery store and medicine from the pharmacy.

 2 years ago 

Ha ha till you have to pick fruit, dig up vegetables and chase a chicken around for supper, nice to pop into the grocer store for food, not playing dodgems with mushrooms keep going to the pharmacy too :)...

 2 years ago 

LOL! Where, there is that, yes. :)

What a lovely walk! I have seen in a tree similar to Powder Puff (Barringtonia racemosa) in Europe and I was told that its flowers were used for medicine as well, mostly ointments for eczema and skin issues.

 2 years ago 

Oh that is interesting that there are more uses. Yes the Powder puff is found in tropical and sub-tropical climates I believe the colour of flower varies slightly from white to pink in certain regions.

What a lovely walk today @joanstewart. The flowering trees are fabulous, and even better to know they have medicinal purposes. Wow! :)

 2 years ago 

Life is interesting, constant learning, thanks for visiting @birdsinparadise

Beautiful flowers. That's our kind of winter. Rain and very green vegetation

 2 years ago 

We middle of summer over here at the moment, wish it were winter since we remain green throughout the year.

 2 years ago 

It's a joy to see all this greenery while I'm here locked into the cold drab winter! Thanks for sharing.

 2 years ago 

Your winters are extreme, even so I would love to experience on white winter in my life one day Tammy. Thanks for visiting.

Your posts are always so uplifting @joanstewart 💕


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 2 years ago 

Many thanks @wonderwop and visit @trendotoken

 2 years ago 

Never a dull moment in nature @wonderwop have an awesome day.

Howdy joanstewart! What wonderful photos and a beautiful slice of the countryside down there, well done!

 2 years ago 

Nice break every weekend to go for a good long walk with the dogs @janton thanks for visiting.

Oh yes, dogs are wonderful too! What kind and how many do you have?

 2 years ago 

A Pitbull-terrier adopted me a year ago did not like his home next door for some reason, plus we meet at the park where my late brothers Staffie bull-terrier joins us for their weekly walk they get along extremely well together.

Staffie also stays with me when my sister-in-law needs to work and weather is bad with lightning, a day care center....

Oh yes, it seems like all dogs freak out about lightning don't they? No matter what we do or say ours is terrified of lightning. Your dog adopted YOU. lol.

 2 years ago 

Woody adopted us, first was to clear him being a flea taxi, bath and regiment of tablets to clear the fleas. He is terrified of lightning (worse than all 6 previous dogs I have had), he tends to freeze wherever he is when he hears it, my son lifts him and places him next to me for comfort, after a storm it takes a further couple of hours before he relaxes.

When we are aware of storms arriving we have herbal tablets called "Rescue" which I give him in some milk that helps a little through these storms.

Howdy today joanstewart! wow that is a severe case. I've never heard of those tablets but that sounds like a great idea.

Beautiful flowering trees! You really have some amazing flora there. It is a feast for the eyes because here it is winter and everything is white!

 2 years ago 

White countryside must have a beauty all of it's own when you warmly dressed to take a walk @jayna love seeing and learning about the extreme opposite conditions you live in.

amazing place! great for a nice walk!

 2 years ago 

Good to get out and smell the perfumes floating around....

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 2 years ago 

Thank you @wakeupkitty and @wonderwop appreciate the token @trendotoken