Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My @jerrytsuseer open letter to you!

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Dear Justin Sun, as @jaynie so aptly put it

You are a business man – we get it! I said from the start that you would look at this from a black and white investment perspective – and you have, but you have also taken it a “few” steps further Justin, and it is those steps that I simply cannot respect!

To which I heartily agree, only the 'behind the scenes/backroom' double dealing and going back on your statements, deleting your twitter posts never lead me to RESPECT you in any way, shape or form, other than as another money grubbing rich kid out to "make some waves".

I came to STEEMIT in 2017, because it afforded me a place to blog my writings and experiences in a way and with format options I had not had in other places, PLUS I'd get paid for my efforts.
I never expected to become part of a COMMUNITY, and in reality I still am a weird bird, not fitting in with most "Tribes/Communities/Hives"... it is all very perplexing to me. But I found that I DID belong to a community after all.

However, when I read posts by those who DO KNOW the ins and outs of the blockchain, with references to YOUR posts and YOUR interviews on YouTube and Twitter, I immediately smelled something rotten in S Korea. Or is it China?
Wherever, it is rotten to the core.
I even joined your TRON Discord and BitTORENT discord servers so that I might get a feel for what they are saying there, and


They talk bad about you too! That speaks a lot to me.
Again as was so aptly put in the previous/opening letter by @janie

you now stand in a space that is completely occupied by people that will NEVER trust or accept you! YOU CHOSE to burn that bridge.
When this whole thing started you chose to turn deaf ears on the voices that count! That little portal, the gateway of acceptance is now shut and PAD LOCKED! You may have money

and influence but we have numbers!! - which embody not only money and influence – but an endless supply of passion too…!!!!


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Thank you for tagging me. I will also make an open letter a little later. Thank you.

Just following orders @gingbabida, for what good it will do, I don't know.
I hope it will bring folks together.

Yes, I have read about it too. I will be making mine later too.

He keeps buying up steem, this is crazy that is still going on this long, I wonder how deep his pockets are willing to go to get his way

Whatever limits he has, I hope he's reached them.
In truth, I fear it has become a game to him (Tron IS after all primarily a gaming platform) so that is probably his mindset.
Thanks for stopping by @chekohler

 7 months ago 

Business model should have been adjusted already, listening to sound advice appears to fall on deaf ears. Possibility of working amicably together now drifts further away.

All true words showing your comprehension of the situation @joanstewart.
Now if only "Juice Tin" would listen and take heed.

 7 months ago 

Would make a lovely change, get down to business and keep building a chain everyone would love to be involed in, afraid he has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

afraid he has thrown the baby out with the bathwater

I am so very afraid that this is true @joanstewart
I would be willing to negotiate if it were me, however he has shown himself to be disingenuous and untrustworthy, therefore any negotiation would be futile

 7 months ago 

Wait to see what Witnesses Plan B will be, one month down the line and no movement is not good for anyone.

Awesome post my man!

Thank you very much @free-reign, it feels sort of inadequate to me, but I am glad to throw in my 2¢ worth

 7 months ago 

This entire fiasco has been eye opening to me as well. Before this I had no idea who Justin Sun was (I live a pretty oblivious life, I suppose) but his actions certainly aren't endearing him to me either.

Thanks for commenting @wwwiebe. I kinda got the impression you were a "Gamer".
As such, and TRON being a gaming platform (my impression at least) I thought you'd know if him from there.
Sorry if my impressions were mistaken.
Like you, prior to this I had no earthly inkling of who he was, what he did, where he was from nor why he did what he did.
I didn't care, and still don't except for how he has IMPINGED on my life by meddling with our platform and endangering my words, works, images and earnings.

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