Nature Already Does It Better Than We Could Ever Do - My Introduction to the Community - A PowerHouseCreatives Contest

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Hello lovely Steemians !


First of all I want to thank all of you for accepting me as a new PowerHouseCreative into your ranks. I saw this community already several times and always wondered what it is about. After some in-depth research I decided to apply to you and I am so happy that you accepted me. This here is my first entry to the PowerHouseCreatives and to one of your great contests by @zord189. By the way, if you want to learn more about me, there is a link at the bottom of the post ^^


As some of you may already know I am a huge fan of nature and nature photography in general. After seeing @brittandjosie once posting about her new LenseBall I instantly wanted one too. By the way, thank you @brittandjosie for always supporting me in all my doings and inspiring me so much throughout my whole journey in the steemisphere ;) .. Lenseballs are really nice tools. They are made from crystal glass of the highest quality, without any air pockets or bubbles. They usually have a diameter of 60mm, 90mm or 110mm and can reflect their surroundings as a mirrored, sharp and crystal clear 180-degree view in a spherical fashion. Amazing toys for any photographer, hehe ^^


Unfortunately I had a serious accident on my left shoulder in January and until April I will not be able to use it as it weights nearly 1 kg. But as an Astrochemist and Nature-Lover I know that for every single invention that humankind ever created there is already something out there, something natural, that is capable of the same things, and even far better in most of the cases. In this case it is a simple but nevertheless amazing water droplet ^^



There is a lot of physical explanations behind water droplets, but for a quick explanations I just want to say this here. A droplet is basically the form that a liquid is adapting because it exhibits surface tension and inter-molecular interactions between every single molecule of the liquid. Thereby is it always the energetic most favored thing to form out a ball, like water droplets or soap-bubbles are doing. Until a certain size drops are holding together due to this inter-molecular interactions and the surface tension. But if you know how to increase those, like soap-bubble experts are doing, you can create gigantic bubbles or droplets this way. OK, enough theoretical background ^^



Luckily for me it was raining a lot here the last days and on my way to work today, I have to walk through the Botanical Garden on my way, I had the chance to find some nice water droplets hanging in the trees and on the flowers everywhere. So I took my change and tried to picture some nice lense droplet photographs for you. It was a bit windy and I am still incapable to move my left arm freely, but I tried my best to capture them as sharp as possible.



I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to the PowerHouseCreatives Community and my entry for its In-house Contest about the "Best Thing You Have Bought". I have to admit that I actually was not able to use this thing, the LenseBall yet, but I tried my best to show you an even more amazing feature. One of nature great features itself, about the pictures in her own LenseDroplets ^^


Thank You For Reading And Watching ^^

All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Huawei P30 Mobile Phone.







If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,


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Welcome to PHC @adalger! I haven’t seen this lensesball but I would like one too. 😆.
Wonderful shots. The droplets look fantastic.

Hey there @redheadpei !! .. nice to see you around here too ^^ But I should not be too surprised, you fit in here perfectly, hehe ;)

Take care my dear friend! Lovely photos you shared here 😊😊

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Thank you @iamraincrystal 🤗 .. I actually did about 20 pictures in total due to the wind an shaking hands, but I am so glad it worked out in the end 👐 .. Thought this might be a nice introduction to the PowerHouseCreatives 😉

Those raindrops do have something magical about them :)

Its like there is another littles world inside of them 😜 .. I should make some more the soon. I just need more rain 🤣

 3 years ago 

Welcome to #PHC with such a lovely reason to join.

Yes that crystal ball photography I noticed is being used by a couple of photographers, never seen one, loved the effect.

Using nature with close up on rain drops gives a lovely feel on what surrounds the plant, still in a ball shape.

@tipu curate

Thank you @joanstewart ^^ .. Nice tosee that you are a moderator here 😊 .. Thank you for the tip 🙏 .. I see it as a great place to be here and hope that it will grow into another great home 😁

Beautiful photos, nature is really wonderful, sometimes we must just stop and look to be amazed!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Hehe, for sure. If we take our time to look around us carefully there is so many things that can amaze us ^^ .. Just have to be careful not to get lost in it ;)

 3 years ago 

We already know eachother hahahaha so we tell off the anonymous addicts Hahahah well you know I am a fan , and a contestant in the amazing #amazingnature contest , see you around the steemisfere friend

Hey there @brittandjosie ^^ Why do I not wonder that you are a moderator here ;) .. read you around !

Hello dear @adalger welcome to this beautiful community. Lovely water droplets and interesting story.

Thank you for the welcome ^^ .. There are so many names already that are familiar to me ;) I am super sure that I really like it here in the community !

Fantastic post, @adalger.
Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll look for water droplets and use that for my knees.
Happy new day!

Thank you ^^ There is a lot of really nice comments on this post and I really appreciate it ! .. Have a nice day too ;) .. I am sure we eill read us again soon, hehe


WElcome to the #PowerhouseCreatives! Those are beautiful water drop photos - never thought to capture images in raindrops but those are wonderful! I was inspired by @brittandjosie too to buy a lens ball and had great fun with it. I haven't used it for awhile but I've been seeing some more lens ball photos that has got me inspired again! I hope you heal quickly - can't wait to see what you create with your lens ball!

Hehe, it is always @brittanjosie who inspires so many of us. It is not even a running gag, she is just everywhere, like a Patron of all Steemians, hahaha .. I suppose she has cloned herself to be everywhere at the same time or secretly uses the Force in the steemisphere to reach out to us all ^^ .. I already eagerly anticipate the times when I can start playing around with the real lensball and hope to see something nice from you too in that niche. It has so much potential and for us nature-lovers which already know where the beauty is to find, this opens a fantastic new world in picturing it. Just animals might be a little complicated, hehe ;)

Hermosas fotografías amigo. Una gota de agua siempre será una de las cosas que más sorprende de la naturaleza. Bienvenido a la familia!

Gracias por la bienvenida ^^ agua es en realidad mi molécula favorita de todos los ;) .. Necesito aprender español, hehe

Ja,ja,ja...Puedes usar un traductor pero no importa, también puedo usarlo yo.

but if I use it I may learn a vocabulary from time to time ... pueda esta "Can" .. trancuctor esta "translator" .. those are now fixed in my head already ^^ .. learning languages is a beautiful sideeffect of the blockchain ;)

These are very beautiful photos @adalger!!! 😍😍😍 It's really a WOW! And this is taken despite you being physically not too capable?!? That makes it a double wow, my friend. You are excellent in this photography.

It doesn't rain much now because summer is starting. But I am also fascinated with water droplets. Hope I can take pictures as beautiful as you do too! Hahaha! 😂

See you around.

Thank you for that amazing compliment ^^

It was actually quite tricky to hold the camera and press the autofocus button with one finger and then the trigger button with the other, hahaha .. This is just the result of a lot of shots that I took, but I was so eager to get at least a few great ones and I enjoyed the walk in the gardens ^^

By the way, if you try it on your own, concentrate on the auto-focus just on the droplets. The rest of the picture may be a little bit unclear, but it makes the droplet look even better ;) .. If you find a nice droplet out there just give it a try. I would like to see how it works out for you. Water droplet photography is definitely one of my new favorite topics out there. Its raining a lot here luckily, heheh ;)

Thank you for stopping by and read you next time !

OK. I will try to do it. 😉 Hopefully I can, even with the use of the phone camera. Hahaha! 😂

Just do it like me.. try countless shots and make the perfect one appear as it it always was meant to be this one, hahaha ^^ .. Have a nice weekend ;)

Hahaha! Great encouragement my friend! 😁 Thank you.

Congratulations @adalger!

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Wow, thank you ^^ .. It is just my first post and I already get featured, yeah !! ;)

 3 years ago 

Welcome to the PHC Community! It is great to see you and your lovely photos with us! 😊

Thank you ^^ .. I am very glad you accepted my into the community ! It looks like a great one they I will be feeling good to be a part of ;)

Welcome to PHC @adalger! This is a great post, both from the angle of the usefulness of the lensball, and then how you found its natural alternative in the water drops. And those photos are so awesome!

Thank you very much ^^ .. I always try to not just post only pictures, but to add some nice explanations, interesting facts, or a story next to it. An in this case the lenseball and the lensedroplets just fitted in together so perfectly ;)

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Welcome to the #PHC family! I see you love photography, cool droplets shots. Glad to meet you and see you around!

Hey there ^^ .. Oh yes, I really like photography. I focus on nature photography of all kind. I looked up your blog and I believe that we really will see us around here more often ;) .. see you then !

So good to see another nature lover.
Those drops each have a mystical character of their own.
Certainly a great first post here my friend!

Thank you very much @papilloncharity ^^ .. I actually tried out on water droplets several times, but using them as lenses was new for me too. They really have a mystical touch. It appears a bit like there is a whole different world captured in them that wants to be discovered but its tries to hide from us ;) .. Read you around, have a nice weekend !

Yeah, the photos were all very great my friend.
I also think that there is a different world captured in them, and I think that they are wise to try to hide that world from mankind; as they have seen how we treat this planet. If they reveal their world to us, they know that it will be corrupted. That is called wisdom.
May you guys also have a great weekend.

Welcome to the community, very good post about gout. excellent photos.

Thank you ^^ .. I am glad that I was accepted in here ;)

Welcome to PHC. Great pictures and very illuminating post. I love droplets, they are both beautiful and fascinating

Thank you for the welcome ^^ .. Yes they are super fascinating. Water itself is already such an amazing thing, no matter in which form ;)

 3 years ago 

These are phenomenal! Thanks for including a bit of science.
That last shot of witch hazel and rain drops is splendid. They all are really, I'll be looking more closely at rain drops after this, but I have a thing for witch hazel.
Welcome to PHC.

Wow! Those are amazing pictures you have taken @adalger. Inspired to substitute droplets of water in the place of "lenseballs" (never heard of those before this post ...), you have produced some incredible shots of the marvel and wonder of what is all around us. Thank you for sharing them!

That is such a great compliment @roleerob , thank you for that ^^ .. bringing the wonders all around us to attention is exactly what I would like to do with my blog ;)

Oh, I love these droplets, you did fantastic photos.😀
I never knew how the lensball works.

Hey there @nelinoeva .. Once I be able to lift the 1 Kg ball properly again I will make a post where I explain the ball properly ^^ .. and of course I will find a nice rose that I will make a picture from with it for you ;) .. have a great weekend !

Aww, this is so kind of ypu. 🌹😀

Wonderful pictures, I wish you a great and fast recovery.

Thank you @misschance ^^ .. I will do my best to recover fast ;) The daily walk through the botanical gardens and the great discord discussions for sure help a lot in it, hahah ;)


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Yeah, another great and delicious cake ^^ .. Thank you very much !

Very beautiful drops. Thanks

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Thank you for the appreciation ^^

Welcome to this great community
Beautiful pictures of drops 🙌😊

Hey there @lourdeshd6 ^^ .. great to see that you are here too ;) .. I kind of join the same communities with some steemians, haha

Cool photos @adalger 💕💕


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Thank you ^^ .. glad you like them 😁

Nice captures!

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Congratulations @adalger


Thank you very much @bambuka for appreciating this post by curating it ^^ .. I am really happy about it as I am actually not professional photographer, hehe 😄

I am also not a professional photographer, but I think I can appreciate a good job :-))
Cheers and !BEER

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