SEC S15W3 : Art and Health at home

Hello Guys!

Greetings to all, hope you all are well and enjoying a happy life with steem. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

First of all thanks to @colombiaoriginal for organizing this unique contest. I'm glad to see this beautiful contest. So I thought why not I joined? I express my talent for making a craft on the stethoscope. Hope you all like it too. I invite my friend to join this amazing contest.


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Well, I've done a lot of crafting but today is the first time I'm crafting a medical item. Having never done anything that involved anything medical before, I was very excited to see the contest today. Since I was getting a chance to make something new, I thought today why not make a stethoscope that we can make very easily?


I collect many things because I don't have any idea the things I used to make a stethoscope. So here are all the ingredients I used some from them and crafting.

Let's Start

Step 01:

First of all, I take one piece of paper and cut it from the center because I want just one side length.


Take one side length and roll it like shown below and make it like a pipe.

Step 02:

Press the paper pipe and bend it from the center. Color the corner of this paper.

Step 03:

Take an inch-wide and full-length piece of paper and connect it with the upper side of the stethoscope in the center with UHU (Gum).

Step 04:

Get to hard paper and cut in a circle. One black color is big and the white color is small so small paper is attached to the black paper.

Step 05:

Attach this circle paper with the stethoscope proceeding.

Step 06:

Now I have one bottle cap and two pieces of hard black paper. See how to proceed.

Step 07:

I have old buffer handsfree so I use it to get the foam for making the final step of the stethoscope.

Finally Stethoscope Ready


It is a very beautiful contest organized. It was very difficult for me to choose but I chose the stethoscope because with its help we can check the other's heartbeat. And through this, we can check the heartbeat and breathing rate of small children. Also, we can check if the breast that she has is frozen or if there is any abnormality, then we can detect it by sound from it.

We love this art and craft and own it by making things and because it is our passion we make it. So in the same way we should keep a medical kit with us because we can use it anywhere at any time of trouble. Sometimes we get a minor injury for which we must have a medical kit and treat it ourselves. We should have painkillers and bandages and everything so that if anyone gets hurt anywhere, we can help them as well.

All pictures are my own and taken with my smartphone Oppo F15. Thanks a lot for staying here.
Regards: #Ahsan


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 4 months ago 
Hello friend @ahsansharif, how nice you have made this stethoscope, it's amazing what can be done with paper and a lot of skill, like the one you have. Your step by step is very well explained, with detailed photos of the process and efficient expication.

This is a beautiful manual work, and I'm sure you had a great time while making this paper stethoscope.

Very nice participation, thanks for joining this challenge.

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Thank you so much for your verification and appreciation. Yes, I enjoy a lot to make a stethoscope using paper. Thanks a lot for your good wishes for me. Stay happy

 4 months ago 

Hello hello dear friend, thank you very much for your entry to our competition, I loved your work, I congratulate you, the stethoscope looked great and you were quite creative in using these materials. We can affirm once again that with very little we can do great things, for more publications like these on our platform, original and quality content.

Have a nice day and success in the challenge, you deserve it! 😁🙏

Thanks a lot for staying here on my post. Thanks to appreciate my work. Stay blessed.

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Wow, ese estetoscopio te quedó súper lindo amigo, me encantó el detalle de las gomitas de auriculares.

Saludos 🤗

Thank you so much I'm glad you like it.

Saludos amigo
Muy original su instrumento , además muy bien explicado le deseo éxitos en la participación

Thanks @yenny47 for your kind appreciation.

Saludos amigos.
Te quedó hermoso el estetoscopio.
Muchos éxitos en tu participación 👍

Greetings too dear

Thanks a lot for your kind words.
Take care Stay Happy

Amigo! Quedó muy bonito tu estetoscopio
Lo realizaste muy diferente a todos los que he visto.
Y como dices este reto fue muy original ya que antes no se había realizado este tipo de manualidad basada en un instrumento médico.

Le dejo mis saludos y mis buenos deseos en su participación.

Si gusta ver lo que realicé, acá te comparto el link 🤗

Thank you so much friend for reveiw my post. I love to create this craft very much. Thanks for your kind wishes. I visit your post soo.

"Fantastic job, @ahsansharif! Your homemade stethoscope is a creative and unique contribution to the contest. The step-by-step guide makes it easy to understand the process. Your choice of explaining the significance of a stethoscope in detecting various health conditions adds depth to your entry. Well done!

Thank you so much for staying here on my post. I'm glad to see that you love and like my post on the stethoscope . Take care stay happy and blessed.

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