Ailing Soul

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Call the medicine woman
Somebody please bring me the healer
Something ails the dark corners of my soul
Skeletons are threatening to spill from my burning throat.

And fight they must
If only they can massacre the self doubt on their way out.

Sometimes I crave for inner freedom
Watch myself scatter the remaining pinch of care to the wind
And free who I am to these degrading masses.


My tongue has been numb for a while
How come they have never figured out
That I speak on behalf of my unstable demons
And sit in fear all day everyday.

Every sunrise,
The sun shines in search of my sad face
Looking to iron the wrinkles of my customized frowns.

Blue smoke rises from the chimneys of my lungs
Like morning mist
Lifting off the overnight dew
Clinging onto everything the wet sky would tear upon.

I have fought the daring voices sharing my headspace
Pointing out the many ways seasonal pain can vanish
But never really showing me
How to dissolve the crippling trauma it comes with.

We want know they say
But I wonder if the ugliness of my naked words
Can find a home in their undecided souls.

My truth hurts
Like Beyonce's pretty.

I surrender to the elements of life
If light claims me through the cracks I am hers
And yes, the wind can take me wherever she goes.

Call on the rain
Something needs to cleanse my reoccurring sins
Soak the blood on my hands
Beneath the soles of my feet
Where the earth shall carry my cross.

This is my 1st time posting on this community. I am unsure of the rules other than I am a creative writer. I birth poetry and speak in prose. Kindly let me if this kind of work is welcomed here :)

wambuku w.


I tried this community a few times and could get no attention at all. You're too good for them I think - real poetry goes unrewarded. They seem to like sappy, simple stuff.

Lol. Everyone doesn't want me around here then. And I want to post here. So I am sort of lost xD

It's not that no one wants you ( I want you), it's that we/you have to do all that work over again to find the steemians who would appreciate us. So, after a few months of trying to drum up some support here and getting NOWHERE, I stopped. I only post here once a week, just for the sbi revenue. It's always a surprise when someone actually reads my posts.

Steem's loss.

I feel wanted ♡

I was told to retry Steem but I am thinking I need a thicker skin for all this. I should go back to where I belong.

I just got a massive upvote from @xeldal on a freewrite. Might have to reconsider my stance on this. It's been months since a post of mine made more than 60 cents.

I am glad ☺ Trying staying :)

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