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I am sharing this again on the instant of @fendit, specifically as an entry for this contest


I have written many short stories, reviews, and poetry pieces in my life, but only once have I attempted writing a play.

This is that one and only attempt, and I present it... for your reading pleasure...

I hope...


Image by Gracini Studios from Pixabay


Scene opens to a small living room, with two visible figures seated at different positions. Jon is sitting on a mini couch with a laptop in front of him. He has a pen sticking out from his overgrown hair and a notepad held close to his nose. He seems deep in thought...

Juliet is sitting separately from Jon, much more closer to the TV set. From the constant movement of her neck, she seems to be presently debating whether to finish the current episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, or go over to Jon. She soon decides however, to mute the TV set, while staying seated at her current position. Then she turns her neck around to face Jon...

Juliet: "Jon dear"

Jon: "Yes darling..."

But Jon doesn't take his eyes off his notepad, his thoughts remain faraway... After a few seconds, Juliet calls again, this time raising her voice a little...

Juliet: "Jooon..."

Jon: "Yeah sweetheart, I'm with you"

He still doesn't take his eyes off his notepad... Juliet's face begins to show a slight trace of annoyance. She turns back to the TV set, but just as she seems about to put the sound back on, she pauses, a thoughtful look on her face, and then she turns back to Jon...

Juliet: "Jonny boy, I wanna have sex"

Instantly Jon drops his notepad, moves his laptop to one side, gets up and heads towards Juliet. All a little too quickly not to be deemed suspicious...

Jon: "You know I'm all yours dearest, all yours."

Juliet: "So now I have your attention, yeah?"

Jon: "You've always had my attention babe, you know that."

Juliet: "I don't. Well maybe I used to, but not anymore."

Jon: "What do you mean not anymore? Come on now, you know that ain't true."

Juliet: "If you say so, but you've got to show me, so sit down first. I want to talk about something, then we'll both get laid."

With sex looming on the horizon, Jon doesn't hesitate. He is a bit wary now though, but he sits nonetheless, and waits...

Juliet: "You know we've been together four years now, and counting..."

Jon starts nodding his head before she's done with the sentence, he can't wait for this talking part to be done with...

Juliet: "And all these years we've been the center of each other's attentions. Every other endeavour has only been a distant second."

Jon continues nodding, seemingly in no mood to disagree, or prolong the talking part. Juliet continues...

Juliet: "Until these last two months, when you discovered Sti-Meat or whatever that website is called that has taken you away from me."

Jon smiles...

Jon: "It's Steemit dear, and it hasn't taken me away from you. Come on, let me show you..."

Juliet: "Wait, I'm not done yet. You used to be my social-media-shy Jon who would rather sit with me in the kitchen than look up Instagram or even Facebook. But suddenly you're now famous, and..."

Jon: "Famous? Are we still talking about Steemit dear?"

Juliet: "Yes, you talked about having a reputation of sixty plus yesterday, plus you mentioned something about being followed by a lot of people now. Isn't that what famous is?"

Jon: "But sweetheart..."

Juliet: "No buts yet Jon. These days you're more concerned about pleasing your followers than pleasing your partner. It's always one funny character, or one appealing storyline, or the next big Contest."

Jon sighs...

Jon: "But you love my stories dear, and my main characters are always portrayed after you."

Juliet: "I know that. But I do not want to be talked about in stories that would leave someone somewhere else happy, and me feeling ignored."

Jon: "I understand, I'll try not to leave you ignored anymore. Now shall we?"

He makes to begin removing his shirt, but stops as he notices Juliet seems to be on the verge of beginning another long statement. He sighs again as his hands drop down back to his sides...

Juliet: "I also want to talk about your recent choice of topics whenever we have our little conversations about your Steemit activities."

Jon looks completely impatient now for the second part of all these... He nods...

Jon: "Okay, no more of my topics..."

Juliet: "I need you to listen Jon, you haven't heard me out. You keep bringing up these people whenever we talk... Yesterday it was Belen, the day before it was Fenny, and then there's the lion and fox lady too. I'm a woman Jon, and I do feel jealous."

Jon: "But babe, these are all internet people, spread over different parts of the world. You're here with me."

Juliet: "I know, but that doesn't make them not females. Besides, I've always wanted to ask, is the Green person a lady?"

Now Jon can't help but smile...

Jon: "No, he's not."

Juliet: "A girl?"

Jon: "I just said 'he's not' babe, now can we leave Steemit alone dear? I'm all yours now, and I'm raring to go."

Juliet: "Okay, but first you have to promise me that regardless of your many strides on Steemit, you won't allow my loneliness be the cost of your fame."

Jon: "I cross my heart."

Juliet: "Thanks darling. Now go finish your story."

Jon: "But about the..."

Juliet: "No buts sweetheart, I've already missed the whole episode 11 of the Kardashians for you. I'm not missing the Big Brother eviction show as well."

Jon looks on hopelessly as Juliet returns her attentions to the TV set. His face tells the whole story; She complains about the cost of his perceived fame on Steemit, but look what the real fame of some TV characters is costing him right now.

Curtain Falls

The End


Thanks again for stopping by...

I infused some names into the characters as mentions. Lol...

I hope you enjoyed the read.



 5 months ago 

Lol!!!! Nice one!
Kinda happens the same to me... almost every single second thinking about Steemit... oops! haha
Thank you so much for sharing this and being part of the contest, it has been really fun to read! :)

 5 months ago 

Thanks for reading dear friend. I appreciate!

 5 months ago 

Your written is excellent, how you create this scene is amazing.
You're a creative writer.

 5 months ago 

Thanks bro... I appreciate.

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