Rainy night with the dog

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When it rains, I soften up and every little thing can affect my emotions. Rain is something that calms me down, something that harmonizes my thoughts. Rainy days are days when I rest my soul, rainy days bring countless opportunities to enjoy and relax. Every rainy day is special for me, but there is one rainy night in my life that was perfect, in every sense of the word. I have a huge desire to describe that night to you and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to do so now.


I remember that day and I had a strangely good feeling. It was Saturday and I slept a little longer because I was very exhausted and tired. It seemed to me that I had not slept for a long time, but when I looked at my watch, it was tolerable. I was amazed, but when I looked out the window everything was crystal clear to me. It was raining outside and the sky was cloudy and gloomy. There wasn't much light in the room and that's why I fell asleep. I had a little breakfast and immediately sat by the window and listened to the rain rustling and pouring. I have always loved listening to the rain, the sounds it produces are pleasing and pleasing to my being. I used to tidy up my room on the weekends or walk the dog. A rainy day, then, in my gloomy room, created a fantastic atmosphere for tidying up the room. Of course, if the day was sunny and beautiful, I would go to the fortress with my friends and take cool photos for the post :D


It was raining and nothing interesting, except tidying up the room or walking the dog, came to my mind. I thought for a long time whether to walk my dog, I thought to myself that the pictures might turn out to be interesting. That idea has always attracted me, because I had never seen Buddy sour and playful on a rainy evening before. I decided not to tie him up that night and I was pleased because he listened to me and posed for the painting. I put on my comfortable rain boots. I opened the front door and Buddy ran outside with great desire. Everything was nice that evening, even the rain didn't bother me, I put on a hood so I wouldn't get wet and I enjoyed watching Buddy play. At one point, Buddy walked into my school I used to go to. He took one branch and started running as fast as he could, of course, I ran with him and tried to catch him, but to no avail, he was faster for me. At one point I told Badiou "Stop!" and he stopped, I took my phone and started taking pictures of it. He was incredibly calm as I photographed him. When I finished, Buddy, as if he knew, got up and walked home with his blue steps. In those moments as I was returning home everything was calm, only the sound of rain was heard and I relaxed and enjoyed those mystical moments. Buddy suddenly moaned loudly, and I was scared like never before in my life. I just relaxed and I thought I would fall asleep like I was in the clouds, I think I get revenge because I bathed him, but when we get home he doesn't know that he is going to dry with a hairdryer :D



I hope this is my story of a rainy night. Of course, everyone has the right to their own opinion and everyone sees and feels differently. In my opinion, rain is something very pleasant and mysterious, rain is like a song, like the most beautiful verses. Rainy nights give me a chance to be what I am and to do what is in accordance with my will. That's why I love rainy days, I just can't resist the freedom they provide. A rainy day is a real gift from heaven for me and that is why I try to make the most of every rainy day and in the best possible way. Maybe the rain is not perfect and maybe it has a thousand flaws, but every lack of it is nice to me and very dear to my heart. Every rainy day is a magnificent holiday for me, every rainy day is a real adventure for me. The only thing I can still tell you is that I will adore the rain and rainy days as long as I live and as long as my name exists.



With love, Sarah❤️

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OMG that dog is extremely cute!!

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